Mi almuerzito saludable

Ayer almorzé yo sola y me prepare algo rico y saludable. Una ensaladita de atún en aceite de oliva, con “shallots”, cilantro, pimienta, sal y limón. Hice unas tortillas tostaditas y les puse un guacamole y un poco de picante, es el mejor chile que hay, es de Mary Sharp. También le puse  quesito rico de El Salvador! Comería así todos los días.


4 Replies to “Mi almuerzito saludable”

  1. I don’t know how, but I actually understood your recipe! All except the “También le puse quesito rico…”. Also I put rich cheese?

    What kind of cheese did you use? I’m making something similar for dinner tonight but with beans.

    1. Hahaha…funny…I used a salvadorean cheese that tends to be kind of like feta cheese a bit salty. I have used Phily cream cheese fo this recipe before and has worked! The key is to lowly fold the egg whites into the mixture, the whites give that softnes to cakes. This is the only thing that I know how to bake among two other favorites…main meals are my thing not cakes or any bakes! 😦 thank you for your comment…and queso rico means yummy cheese!
      Ciao Kate besos!

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