KCWC Spring 2012!

Me registré en un grupo de costura esta semana (Elsie Marley) iniciando este Lunes. Esta es la primera vez que hago algo así y me ha motivado a ponerme enfrente de mi máquina de coser una hora cada día. Uno puede cortar, trazar un patrón, o terminar de coser algún proyecto o empezar uno nuevo. Al final de la semana terminarás con un wardaropa que tus niños podrán usar este verano o ya si posible. Hay un grupo en Flickr donde uno puede ver lo que otros estan haciendo al mismo tiempo y se sorprenderán al ver tanta creatividad fluyendo en ese sitio.

Aqui algunas de las imágenes de las cosas que he hecho hasta ahora (Jueves 26 de Abril). Tengo dos cosas más que me gustaría terminar para mañana Viernes.

I signed up for a kids clothing sew along this week ( Elsie Marley ), starting on Monday. It’s the first time I do something like this and it has motivated me to be on my sewing machine one hour every day. You can cut, trace a pattern, sew an unfinished project or start a new one. At the end of the week you will have a nice wardrobe for your kids to wear this summer or even now. There’s a Flickr pool where you can see what others are doing and you will be surprised with the creativity that flows here.

Here are some of the images of the things I made up until now (thursday april 26). I have two other things I want to finish by tomorrow afternoon, if not by the weekend.Image

This top is so pretty that I decided  to make again, and again. It’s a japanese fabric from the collection Remember Quilts by JUNKO MIYASAKi. It is a light fabric and very nice to work with. The pattern is from this japanese book here.




This top is one of my favorite and the fabric too. It is from Lotta Jansdotter and her collection ECHO. The pattern is from an old Gap blouse I got for Gaby last year, and decided to try to get the pattern! It worked! this is the fourth time i make it!



I call this shorts Skorts because they are both. The fabric is from Alexander Henry and the fabric name is Piñata but I call it Fiestaaaa!!!!! Gaby’s t-shirt is from my favorite store and designers in Vancouver The Redfish Clothing.


Another skort and more Jansdotter nice fabrics ever!!!!


This is another one of many favorites. The fabric is from Lecien and fabric name is Chatter Tailors. The skirt is nice and easy I just came up with the pattern and you just cut a rectangle, not to short in width because you need that extra fabric so it creates the gather effect. A nice case in the waste to put the belt and voilá! The T-shirt is once again from The Redfish Clothing and this one with a different decoration on the front.



I had time to make this cute shorts and camisole for Gaby for a nice hot summer night or just for hanging out at home. The fabric you can recognize it, is from Nani Iro from her collection Pocho. This one is a Knit but nice and fancy I call it.



This two pictures are from two more projects I want to finish. The blue one is a Herringbone fabric nice and soft, and they will be another pair of skorts too, and this print one is called Nest by Valory Wells for Free Spirit.

This last image is from a proyect I need to finish and fixed. Gaby didn’t want more photos so I hung them on a string. The fabric is by Liesl Gibson from City Weekend collection. The pattern is from Check and Stripe a japanese book

All the fabrics used here I bought them at my local shop Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph. They have the best variaty in fabrics and are constantly bringing new collections for all the sewing fanatics and quilters too.

Due to time and being tired I don’t have much time to translate this post into spanish, I will do it for sure later when everybody is sleeping. Thanks for visiting once again, have a nice thursday.


13 Replies to “KCWC Spring 2012!”

  1. Hi! Love the outfit made with the Nano Iro knit fabric. Can you remember if you bought it at Greenwood Quiltery? My parents live close by, so maybe I can pick some up!

  2. Hi there — thank you for the sweet words you left in a comment about my knit top over on flickr. 🙂 You made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I’m really impressed with what you have sewn for your kids!! I also REALLY like your fabric choices, and those blouses are beautiful. You drafted the pattern from an old GAP shirt? Amazing!! I wish I had sewn more for my daughter when she was small. Sand is slipping through the hourglass for me now, since she’s nearly 10! Best wishes…. 🙂

    1. thank you Tanya. Time goes quick for sure…summer it’s almost here and soon the year willbe gone. But we should just enjoy the moment. Have a good week!!

  3. hi! thanks for checking out my blog. i can’t believe how much you accomplished during kcwc… amazing! i especially love the lotta print shirt and the shirred dress. very cute stuff!

  4. the clothes that you have made for gaby is amazing! i am totally inspired by you. my favourite is the top refashioned from GAP pattern as well. being a fan of nani iro fabrics, i think you have excellant taste in selecting fabrics from your children!

  5. adorable, adorable clothing! (and kids)! enjoyed seeing everything you made. you have a patient little model! my girl is done after one outfit change 🙂 -erin

    1. Thank you sooo much. To get to a very productive week like this one…mmm requires lots of effort and time, and energy and I honestly feel like a 80 year old woman (with no ofense), I get to the end of the day completely drained! Yes, fabrics are my weakness but I have achieved some kind of “good eye” when it comes to buying them and touching them of course. Cheers to you!!!!

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