KCWC for the second time!



He estado ausente por tanto tiempo, ya ni se cuántos días, semanas o meses, pero ha sido ya un buen rato. Muchas cosas por hacer aquí, entre coser ropa para mis niños, cocinar platillos ricos para la familia, y quehaceres diaros en la casa uno termina olvidandose de mantener informado a el pequeño grupo de fans que esta por allí y ponerles al tanto de lo que estoy haciendo a estas alturas del año

Pero aqu estoy ya de vuelta y creo que tendre que postear doble o tres veces de un solo si puedo, porque tengo varias fotos que quisiera compartir y que creo que les gustaran.

Me he vuelto a apuntar a este grupo de costura en el sitio web de elsiemarley. La primera vez lo hice para los días de primavera y así coser ropa para Gaby y que ella la usara en verano, hoy es para Otoño-Invierno y Verano para mi porque en Diciembre vamos al Sur, vamos a El Salvador a disfrutar de las vacaciones mas ansiadas por nosotros, pasamos días en la playa y días con mis papas en las montañas, y unos cuantos en la ciudad visitando amigos o descansando en casa con los sobrinos y mis hermanos.. Esta vez me adelante un dia debido a que el dia de ayer fue Accion de Gracias aqui en Canada y yo sabia que no podria hacer mucho asi que lo hice el Domingo y hoy Martes.

Espero les gusten las imagenes. Feliz inicio de Semana a todos!

I’ve abandoned my blog for a long time, I don’t even know how many days, weeks or months it has been, but it’s been a while. 

There are a lot of things to do around here, between sewing for my kids, cooking yummy food for the family and everyday household work, one ends up forgetting about keeping the small group of fans out there informed and update with what your doing at this time in the year.

But here I am, back again, and I think I have to post a couple of times or maybe three at once if I can, because I have lots of photos that I would like to share with you and I’m sure you will like them.

I signed up again to this sew along group on elsiemarley’s web site. The first time I did it for this past spring and sew clothes for Gaby, today is Fall-winter clothing and Summer for me since we are going on a trip to the south for December holidays. We are going to El Salvador to enjoy the vacations that we await most for the whole year. We spend time at the beach, and days with my parents up in the mountains and some days at the city visiting friends and relaxing at home with my niece and nephews and my two brothers.

 This time I started the sewing a day ahead since Monday (yesterday) was Thanksgiving here in Canada and I knew that I was not going to be able to do much, so I started on Sunday and work some more today.

I hope you like the images. Happy week to all!!!



I  love this top, it’s my own pattern and the fabric is from LECIEN “Memoire a Paris”. I bought this fabric from Greenwood Quiltery my local fabric store.




This top I made it out of Nani Iro’s POCHO Collection and it is one of the nicest Gauze fabrics to work with. I thought that Gaby should have something in her wardrobe made out of Japanese Gauze. On the next picture you can see I made out of the the writting on the Selvedge a Pocho tag. The top is from this book


This dress Gaby says is her favorite, and I agree with her. I don’t know the name of the fabric but it feels almost like a nice voile, but is not, I thought it was a brushed cotton because it has that kind of texture. The pattern is from one good designer Kecil Pohol, she makes the most adorable girl dresses and grown ups too.


This one to me is on the top two of my favorites. The dress is my own pattern, it took me months to figure some things out and the worst was that I ruined two nice fabrics, it brings me bad memories. This one fits so nice to Gaby and perfect for our trip to El Salvador.


Last but not least this dress is made out of Kaffe Fasset’s. The pattern is from this book and I love it because so far Gaby doesn’t really have a nice fall-winter dress, this will be cozy.



2 Replies to “KCWC for the second time!”

  1. Cada vez te quedan más bonitos los vestidos y la modelo cada día más bella y más alta! Saludos y abrazos besitos al cholochito

  2. hola! creo que me acuerdo de tu hija en el otro KCWC, en este casi no me he parado a mirar las prendas. Gracias por la visita, pasaré por aquí a mirar lo que haces, la fotografia tb me gusta mucho aunque yo de ella tengo mucho que aprender.

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