Flowers are for boys too!

Acabo de visitar el blog de Cherie, Youandmie y leí el nuevo post y hablan sobre salir de lo común y quién dice que que las flores son solo para las niñas o que las niñas solo deben usar colores rosados o pasteles? Bueno, me recordó que justo hace dos días terminé una camisa para Sebastián usando una tela floreada con fondo café chocolate. He aquí las imágenes, las acabo de tomar y fue lo mejor que pude captar de ella.

 I just visited Cherie’s blog Youandmie and read today’s post. They are talking about going a bit out of your ordinary, girls shouldn’t just wear pink or pastels and boys can wear flower print shirts too. Well, it reminded me that just two days ago I finished a flowery shirt for Sebastián using a flower print fabric with a chocolate brown background. Here some images, I just took them and it was the best I could get of this shirt.


Use esta tela tan linda de Lecien de la colección Memoire á Paris. Creo que fue una perfecta elección de tela para este proyectito. I used this pretty fabric from Lecien from Memoire á Paris. I think this was a very good choice for this little project.

No sé si volveré a poner algo en mi blog en lo que resta de la semana, estoy a seis días de irme de viaje con mis hijos, asi que estoy ocupada organizando maletas y planeando mi estadía en El Salvador. Al regresar de mi viajecito compartire fotos de todo lo que hicimos y los lugares que visitamos. Felices pascuas a todos!

I don’t know if I will right something here in my blog before leaving on my trip, six days from now and I will be heading south with my kids. I’m busy packing and organizing my stay in El Salvador. When I get back from my trip I will share some photos of the things we did and places we might visit. Happy Easter to all!!!


El patrón que use aqui para la camisa y shorts son del libro japonés del diseñador Makié. I used the japanese pattern book from the designer Makié, for both the shorts and shirt.

6 thoughts on “Flowers are for boys too!

  1. Oh my gosh, that is some gorgeous fabric! I love the shirt on your son, thank you so much for sharing it!! I hope you have a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing pictures of all the new handmade clothes for you and your family!

    1. Thank you so much! I love how everything turned out, for a few days I kept sewing shirts and more shirts for him until I thought it was enough. Once you figure out a pattern you want to keep making it in all colours, hahaha!!!

  2. He looks wonderful and the fabrics and patterns you chose suit him so well! I think they’re very stylish and perfectly appropriate for a little gent 🙂

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