From Canada to California!

Ya estamos casi instalados en nuestro nuevo hogar aqui en California. A mi me hace mucha falta mi casa en Canadá y Gaby también extraña su colegio, sus amigos y su ambiente familiar, a Sebastián le da igual, creo que ya se olvido de todo y esto es lo más familiar para él.

Estamos esperando aún el resto de nuestras cosas que no vendrán hasta dentro de tres semanas con suerte, lo cual significa cero costura para mi!!!! Estamos rentando la casa de una tía y entré a una habitación en la casa y había una máquina de coser! La abrí y me sorprendí con ver que era una Viking Husqvarna 190 en perfectas condiciones, le pregunte si la podía usar y me dijo que si, que ella dejo de coser hace mucho tiempo. La hemos llevado a un lugar a que la limpien y no me aguanto por coser algo con ella. 

No tengo mucho que contar por el momento, he estado cansada y ocupada, pero espero que pronto vuelva a estar activa por estos rumbos. 

Feliz fin de semana a todos y prometo ser menos haragana para escribir por aquí.

We are almost installed here in our new home here in California. I miss Canada and my home there and Gaby as well misses her school, friends, and her familiar surroundings, Sebastián not so much, I think he forgot about everything he knew there, this is his new familiar place. 

We are still waiting for the rest of our luggage and stuff, which won’t come until 3 weeks from now, and that means no sewing for me!!!! We are renting a house from my aunt and one of these days I went inside a room and there was a sewing machine! I opened the case and to my surprise it was a Viking Husqvarna 190 in perfect conditions, I asked her if I could use it and she said yes for sure, that she stopped sewing long time ago. We took it to a repair shop and they are giving it a nice clean, I can not wait to try it and sew something with it.

I don’t have much to tell for now, I have been busy and tired, but hopefully I will be back to my sewing and stay active around here.

Happy weekend to all and I promise I will be less lazy and start posting more often.ImageImage

Not so happy to get nocked down by a wave!ImageImageImageImage

Roosevelt Beach, Half Moon Bay.ImageImageImageImageImage


5 Replies to “From Canada to California!”

  1. I love the combination of rain boots at the beach–very Canadian/Californian! Welcome to California (Bay Area? I’m assuming from the beautiful Half Moon Bay photos)–you’ll love it here! Email me if you ever need tips on fabric shops in the area. 😉

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, We are here in Half Moon Bay and it’s been quite frustrating right now to find a good place to buy nice fabrics. I went to Jo-Ans in San Mateo and found a few things that I needed it, but not to many nice fabrics, so I keep buying online, is not the same then going in person to a place where you can feel the fabrics. Do you live in the Bay Area? Where do you shop? I’m waiting for all our stuff to come from Canada including my sewing machines, fabrics and everything else, you can imagine how long the days get when you are not doing something or creating like we all “seamstress” do. Happy Weekend, we are going to SF today to Japan town and get some books they have put away for me, farmers market and maybe a trip to the beach we are only 5 minute drive to the ocean…amazing!!!!

      1. We are practically neighbours–I live in San Mateo! There aren’t any fabric shops on this side of the peninsula, it’s pretty disappointing. In SF: I like Fabric Outlet ( for apparel and prices, Discount Fabrics ( for variety, Britex ( for the fancy stuff and Jo-Ann for notions and thread–make sure you sign up for coupons! Otherwise, I’m still looking to make a trek out to East Bay ( / and Santa Cruz (, but I’m not wanting to do the long drive with kids in tow! So basically, still buying mostly online…

      2. This is very important information. I have done lots of research online as well and I think Pink Chalk Fabrics, Alewive Fabrics, Superbuzzy Fabrics and Hawthorne are very good deals in price and good quality of fabrics. I was going to drive all the way to Ventura for Superbuzzy but like you say, with tiny kids this would be pushing it. My kids were born the same year than yours so they have almost the same age, and my daughter is the oldest and boy youngest. Yes, I found that Britex was too nice and fancy I would go there only if I would have a very specific project in mind that would require some fine threads! But they had nice variety of Liberty of London, which I still have not try. Jo-Ann is perfect for threads and other notions. But you are right there should be a little cute store that carries all our fave designers and at a good price. We go to San Mateo quite often, the weather is much better there and less foggy, besides there are lots of nice restaurants, shops and small latino stores where I can get my secret ingredients for my cooking. Well, maybe we meet one day and talk about potty training and sewing tips. Thanks so much neighbour. Cheers!!!!

      3. Wow, the similarities are uncanny! Maybe one day, we should try a field trip out to a fabric shop! Even though online shopping is cheaper and more convenient, there’s nothing quite like seeing and touching it in person. Oops, the one in Santa Cruz is, I think I put in the wrong link earlier.

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