Sewing for myself

I have been making lots of stuff for myself and almost never have the chance to take pictures of myself. I’m busy all the time and when I have the time to do it, nobody is around to take photos of me!

Well, I warn you, this images might be disturbing…poor lighting, there’s a mess in my new sewing nook and kids running around me, not the best moment for a photo shoot, but we managed to get something decent, I hope, my husband helped me but I’m not satisfied…seems like the best light around here is mid afternoon with lots of sun in that room. Anyways, enough complaining and now some images…put some special shades to protect yourself from what you are about to see!!! Yikes!!!


I made this top a long time ago and I like it a lot, but never get to wear it that much. I first saw it on Karyn from The Workroom and quickly went to buy the book. It is a very easy pattern but I took my time to do it, it was the first top I made for me out of a Japanese Book. The fabric is from Amy Butler and this one is a voile, if you try this pattern on a cotton or even linen the sleeves might tend to go up and they kind like look like “wings”. I think silk, chiffon, or voile is the right fabric to go with.


This top-tunic made it like a two weeks ago. It was long to sew because is a chiffon and since I don’t have my serger with me yet I had to finish the seams with french seams, shoulders and side seams! I like it and it looks great with jeans and shorts or leggins. I made this one from this book.


 A beautiful pattern and I should have added a centemiter to it more, but well, I still like and this one was so quick to make, maybe half an hour. I think I will make at least two more like this as soon as I get all my sewing stuff from Canada. Oh, the pattern is from this nice book, I’m a big fan of japanese culture and now that I discovered sewing I only sew from this books too. I couldn’t get rid of all my japanese books back home, so they are all being shipped as we speak, most of the boxes contain either fabrics or books.


I really like this as well, and at the beginning before cutting it I had second thoughts, but went with it and I was very pleased with the final result. This one as well needs 2 cm on the hem, but not that bad. The pattern is from this book.


Last but not least is this tunic. I bought two meters of this fabric, is a voile and I can not remember the name now, maybe Art Gallery??? But is a popular one out there too. I had so much fabric that made this tunic and a top that soon post about. Another easy piece to make, I have to find easy patterns all the time due to my few space during the day to sew, and in the summer with two little ones in the house is almost impossible to sit for two hours and sew with no worries…nope, not here in my house. The pattern is once again from this book, and I have seen more nice things to make for me out of this one.

This is it for today, now I’m off to make some lunch, lots to do this weekend and I will wait now for my stuff since I have no fabrics to play here, only a sewing machine my aunt kindly gave to me it’s a Viking Husqwarna 190 in perfect condition and that was not used that much.

Have a nice weekend everybody and hope you didn’t go blind with this disturbing images!!!!!





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