Things I made five weeks ago.

We just moved to California from Canada as you know, and it has been busy around here. But before packing everything I decided to sew a few things for me and the kids, it was until then that I could pack my sewing machine and fabrics and everything else. Here are some of the stuff I made and most of it has been well used this days here. I made beautiful stuff for myself but for some reason I never have the time or never look good enough for the camera, but tomorrow I will ask my husband to shoot some images quick!!


I made this dress a few weeks ago and I was so happy with it, I thought it was to big and at the end after washing it for a couple of times looked better, it didn’t shrink but for some reason just fit better. The fabric is called Memoirs a Paris by Lecien, I bought it at Pink Chalk Fabrics and when I saw they had more in different colours went and bought everything they had! The pattern was super easy and it’s from this book. The lighting on this photos is not the best, it was a very grey day in Canada and this was the only chance I had to take photos of her wearing it.



This one I made it as you can see out of Nani Iro double Gauze. The pattern turned out to be very big for my daughters size, I think it was meant to be big but she’s a bit petite and didn’t look good. So I had to undo the bias around the armholes and reduce it a bit from the sides. It still fits bit but nice big…I love this fabric and I have more Nani Iro in my stash but can not really dare to cut them.I bought the fabric from Miss Matatabi on etsy, I love all the fabrics she has, a very nice variaty of fine cottons. This pattern was from this book.


We went back to Canada 8 days ago for a short holiday. This was up in Banff, Alberta. We stayed with some good friends of ours and had a very good time. I miss Canada a lot this days but I’m happy here too, it is nice to live right by the ocean!!!. I hope you enjoy this post sorry to be away to long, just give me a few days to get back to my old routine. Happy week, what’s left of it and happy weekend!!!!


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