It’s that time of the year…KCW Fall 2013!!


I haven’t write in a long time around here, but I have no computer, until next month. My husband is at yoga today in the morning and I stole his laptop and rushed to write something and add my new sewing triumphs. It is KCW since monday and I signed

myself for this time, and completely forgot that I can not blog daily, so I will only do it twice, today and friday that I have access to this computer.

I have seen what others have made already and I’m so impressed that makes me feel like sewing all day…I wish.

Knit long sleeve A knit Long Sleeve for Gaby.DSC_0302DSC_0297DSC_0292

So I made two tops out of this nice knit fabric I found at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz, one of the best experiences I’ve had buying fabric. If you are in the area try to go this place it is amazing!


This two dresses are the same pattern and decided to go with bold prints. Martha Negley on flowers and pink colours is my favourite. The pattern is from a Japanese book, called Check & Stripe Travel Issue. Gaby is sick today no school and to get inspired I told her to get her friend Nepal (Crane) to join. Things got better from here, Gaby needs a friend to be with her when she’s not in her zone.

Last but not least is this Frida Khalo dress I made yesterday. I can not show you pictures from the back because I ran out of batteries in my camera but I decided it no use a zipper and go for a button instead and a little button loop. For this dress I cheated because I made it on saturday to use on Sunday since I knew I was not going to be able to post anything for two days due to technical problems (no computer). So we went to the city and hang out at the Golden Gate Park and specially at the Japanese Gardens, so pretty.


Beautiful day and beautiful dress. Fabric got it online from Harts Fabrics two weeks ago, this one was out of stock in a lot of places, so I got myself four meters and be prepared for anything.

This is it, I hope you enjoyed it like I do when I see this images. I’m off to do some cleaning, and hopefully to get started on my next project before this challenge ends. Thanks for stoping by…have a nice day.


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