KCW last day for me!

I think this is my last day of KCW because I have visitors from Canada, we have a full house and a big french poodle from British Columbia. So, no time for sewing my studio is serving as a guest room and I just got a cold and the kids as well. Anyways here is what I did on Wednesday and a bit yesterday. Enjoy the sewing girls and have fun.


So this top was so easy and I drafted the sleeves and made the skirt longer. I liked it so much that I made a second one but I haven’t got a picture of that one yet. This is is a soft flannel I got at Harts Fabrics on my firts visit.



Beautiful Fabric and beautiful skirt. I decided to make this one for Halloween day or Dia de Los Muertos at Gaby’s school. I saw a pair of stockings at H&M black with skeleton bones in white, but couldn’t find them again. Still, it will make a nice outfit I have it all under control. This one too got it a Harts Fabrics and the fabric is from Alexander Henry and his Calaveras de ázucar. Pattern is self drafted and it is just a very long rectangle so i has more gathers.



This one I love so much I need to make more like this, you need to have a very light weight fabric otherwise it would be to stiffed and no movement or flow. Fabric got it at my old favorite fabric store in Canada, Greenwood Quiltery. I should have got more of this fabric. Pattern is from a Japanese book but can’t put a link right now because putting links delays me so much and right now I have my minutes of blogging counted.

My son Sebastián didn’t get anything new in his wardrobe this time. But I have nice projects in mind for him too. I feel bad that he didn’t get anything so I will put some images of him walking and fooling around yesterday here.

Thanks everybody who takes the time to stop by my blog. I will make sure I will stop by yours in a bit too.

Happy sewing and Happy blogging….CHEERS!!!



Basti likes Batman…it used to be Gaby’s but now Gaby is into different heroes.



I remember when I used to be so flexible, Gaby likes bending herself and one of her fave positions is downward dog! Namaste! Kids are growing fast and now playing more together, Basti is such a boy and some times too rough on Gaby, but they both love each other and miss each other when not together.

See you soon!!!


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