Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2014

I have been away from this corner for a long time. So busy around here since August, and can’t seem to find enough time to sew all the things I want to make for me and the kids and my husband. Hopefully 2014 is loaded with projects and more fabrics, I’m already waiting for a few collections that come out next month (tomorrow, January).

I want to share I few images of what I been doing, not so much sewing but nice photos from around here. I really wish all the best for this new year to come and that tonight at midnight you take a moment and think of all the fun things, and not so fun things you did, how productive you were and what things you can improve, and the best is that we all learn from the good and bad experiences. Be thankful for the family you have, the friends you have around, for this skill we all have of making clothes for almost everybody in the family, but be thankful for being healthy and the joy of waking up everyday and be with the people you love.

Happy New Year!


Halloween face painting. Gaby practicing on her brother.




Making a dress for Gaby out a Monaluna fabric. I finished it and she wore it yesterday (Dec. 30th, her birthday) I will upload photos soon.


Picking our christmas tree.


At the Fairmont Hotel in SF. Biggest Ginger Bread House. Had a nice dinner there with the kids to give a kick start to Holidays!


Gaby in my studio, morning playing on the computer.


Gaby and Malone. Both girls went to Nursery School together back in Canada. The whole family had a layover in SFO for almost two days. We were so happy to see familiar faces. Thank you for visiting!!


At Cience Center. Gaby with her Monaluna dress, can not really appreciate it, too cold to take jacket off.


Family reunion on Christmas Day.


Happy New Year!!!


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