Winter 2014 Sew along!


It’s been a wonderful long summer for us here in California. The weather just changed yesterday from nice warm sunny-blue skies to foggy and chilly. I can’t complaint because it has been nice since mid August until now. So I thought it was about time for me to start sewing something for the kids or myself that would be kind warm and cozy. Little Sebastián has refused lately to wear things I make, like he knows it’s handmade? So I will give him a couple of months and then force him practically to wear my “obras maestras” (master pieces). Gaby enjoys everything I make for her with no fuzz at all.

So I have decided to join the sew along from KCW Winter 2014 and try not to procrastinate to much about one outfit or the fabric, or pattern and just go with my gut.

I woke up today at four in the morning and had cut the patterns yesterday at night. I’m in a knit fabric fever this days, specially when I went to El Salvador I was able to find a good fabric source and bought almost a suitcase full of knits in different weights.

The first images are from a Nani Iro knit from the Pocho collection and bought it from my old beautiful fabric store in Guelph back in Canada, The Greenwood Quiltery. I had this fabric there for at least two years and I was wondering what kind of pattern I could use with it to make the use of it worth the cut. The second  fabric is from the stash I brought from El Salvador which is very light in weight and slippery too. This outfits are great for layering with long sleeve tops underneath or short sleeve tops, with leggins, with a skirt, with shorts, with pants!!! I want to keep making more of this. I went for a bigger size than what Gaby is, because the Nani Iro knit shrinks a lot, that I know from experience with some leggins.


This is the sweater done with Nani Iro, Pocho Collection in grey.


My beautiful girl nailed this photo shoot by the beach, she looks amazing and the top looks so nice. This is the same pattern I just omitted the sleeves on this one. It might not be the best thing out there but every time I make something out of a knit fabric and it turns out nice I feel up in the clouds!!! I bought this fabric in El Salvador, I bought 3 meters that are 60″ wide for 3 dollars each meter!!!! I’m surprise how expensive fabrics are not only here in the States, but Canada too. I remember my mom buying fabrics at this same place for me and her and she never ever spend more than 6 dollars!!! Anyways, I love my sewing for this first day of KWC!!!


Cherry flowers blossoming and Magnolia trees too. Beautiful days.


Perfect time to have some fun!!!! Happy and productive sewing to all!! See you tomorrow!


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