KCW Day 3!!

Hello everyone, yesterday I was not able to post something here, I have a cold that yesterday took over me. I still feel sick but I can survive, although I can’t survive without sewing just a tiny bit and KCW is the right excuse.

So, like I said on the previous post, I’m going through a KNIT phase and today is another day of KNIT sewing. I made this top with a hood  for Gaby and I decided after to put long sleeves like this one. While I sleep sometimes I have “sewing visions” and I even figure out patterns that I don’t know how to assemble sometimes, well the same thing happened with this piece. I made the same top only with a skirt.

The second one, I have to be honest, I made it on Monday afternoon but was not able to finish it so I finished it yesterday at night. Its a nice pink linen that I found at Discount Fabrics and after washing it had a lighter weight. The pattern is from this Japanese Book and I have been meaning to make it for ages now, but that placket was so intimidating that I would skip the project because of it. I was able to make it and it turned out so pretty, now I want to make another one!


This dress was so easy to make, but I was so tired maybe and I assemble the skirt to the waistband in the wrong way, so I thought of leaving it like that but it look funny. So I had to undo it and cut a new waste band since the first one was completely ruined. Here’s Gaby looking good but not too happy. She has discovered some kind a show on PBS kids “FETCH the dog”? and she’s was in the middle of that when I asked her to come out. Not happy about it, and a neighbor passed by and made her smile that’s this photo.


I love this one, and it’s so comfortable and besides the placket that took like half an hour to get it right, the rest was a breeze! Good thing about sewing for Gaby is that she still likes my clothes and the choices I make, she has never rejected something…we will see how long this will last.

That’s it for my 3rd day of challenge. I already have cut something for tomorrow, I hope you like is got elephants!!!

Happy sewing!!


2 Replies to “KCW Day 3!!”

    1. Thanks Olga! Now I’m trying to concentrate on the next outfit but I’m in the middle of morning bath for my lil two year old who got jam all over!!!!! Thanks again for stopping by!

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