KCW 4th day!

Here I am again, on a productive morning and went to bed at midnight so I could post today something.

Seems like I have been able to make two pieces per day since day one, but today I’m going to work on something for tomorrow. My daughter’s school is celebrating Lunar year and tomorrow they have to wear lots of red and they will have later on the day a nice parade! So I have been thinking what to make and which fabric to use. I have an Alexander Henry nice asian fabric but I have a Nani Iro red and white fabric from Pocho Collection?

Right now I want to show you what I made for this day. I hope you like them.


So this dress I made out of this beautiful fabric I got from Pink Chalk Fabrics a while ago. It is called Elephant Lothus flower Haathi Organic and it’s from Mona luna Fabrics. I used a Japanese Pattern Book and changed a thing or two. It’s from this book.


This dress was so easy to make so quick, but I did try the pattern on a muslin like a month ago. The pattern is from this book, and the front bodice has two crossed pieces and they kind of opened.  I think is pattern C, I like it  a lot so I changed it and this was the occasion to give it a try. The fabric I used is a Joan’s Fabric, I liked it when I saw it and it was only five dollars the yard I think.

Sorry about not so nice pictures but I just took this photos and it’s kind of rainy here in Half Moon Bay today, so the lighting wasn’t the best. Gaby was cold and her brother Sebastián started cutting the lemons that with the first rain are blooming… the tree is loaded…I see mojitos and Cubas libres for this weekend!!!


Happy Thursday and keep on sewing!!!!



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