Day 5 of KCW!!

Happy Lunar Year!!!! As I promised, here is my contribution to today’s challenge. This dress is sooooooooo pretty and the pattern was perfect match with fabric choice. The fabric is from one of my favorite designers out there Alexander Henry and I got this fabric at Harts Fabric Santa Cruz. I used a japanese pattern from this Cotton Friend Magazine. Gaby went to school already wearing the dress so she might get compliments today for sure!!!


This pattern called for some snap buttons, but I didn’t have any so I went for two cute gold metal buttons. It has a bow up on the front, actually it is four pieces, two to each side, I went for a nice knot, it hangs better. i didn’t get a better shot of this part, it was hard for my model today, we had to wake her up, she was tired!!!


Beautiful dress right? I think so too. Now I’m going to clean up my studio and start with my project for tomorrow’s challenge. Maybe a knit one again or I feel like making another dress like this and I just thought of the right fabric!!!! Okay, see you then. Happy sewing and Happy weekend. Cheers!!!!!!


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