What’s going on around my corner!!!

I have been so busy lately, not too much time in front of my sewing machine and that just makes me mad sometimes. My dear husband has been so busy at school studying hard and we don’t see him much this days. This weekend we are heading south for a few days together before he heads to Mexico City for a business trip and for him to do some catching up with a good friend there. So I have so many projects planned not only for this spring but summer, that we will be busy for sure.

Here are some of my latest pictures of the things I have been doing or not doing?


Making some snack bags for friends. I love how Alexander Henry fabrics have this Latin american inspiration all the time!


Bakers Beach




A day before Valentine’s day, who can say NO to this face!!


Chillaxing on a hammock in a hot January day!


At the beach!


My beautiful girl enjoying a sunny day at the beach!


Today in the morning on our walk ( March 5th, 2014). Spring has sprung!


Another project on my table for this month. This pants and shorts are a must for my man!


Pacifica Pier.


Saw lots of crows on our walk…bad luck???


And then lots of lady bugs….good luck?? YEAH!!!!!!

This is it for today, I will show you my finished projects soon, I hope!

Happy Week!!!


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