Spring is here and KCW Spring 2014 too!

It feels like summer here in Half Moon Bay, some days it rains but next day is sunny and blue skies. It is six in the morning and you can hear the birds already singing, I can close my eyes and I travel in time to El Salvador in those hot summer days, no school and lots of time in our hands to figure out our games for that day!

The kids and me got so sick last week, I still can’t hear that well and I’m still taking antibiotics for a very bad ear infection due to an ugly cold the three of us got. Little Sebastian too got an ear infection but not that bad. So even sick I was sewing, tracing patterns for this week and organizing and cleaning my sewing room, something I seem to be doing often now. I can not work in a messy place, so every finished project I clean my room, good right?

Here it is. I made a nice red dress for Gaby and some leggings or Jeaggings, the fabric looks like jeans fabric but it’s a knit, nice fabric and doesn’t fade at all, I washed them yesterday and put them in the dryer and came out the same. I got the fabric at Discount Fabric one of my favorite places to go and find good deals. The fabric for the Dress is from LECIEN and bought it at my “old” fabric store in Guelph back in Canada, The Greenwood Quiltery. I still have a lot of fabric I bought from them!!!!

So here are some photos.


It is that time again!!! Get your sewing machine out, fabrics, pins, pattern and scissors and get creative for an hour for seven days!!!! Are you in? I am, Here is my collaboration for today!


You can’t see the leggings well, but she’s wearing them here. They are blue like denim blue, but look black here on this photo. The fabric is so soft, I think I will make a pair for myself. The dress pattern is from Happy Homemade Vol. 2


I love the fabric I used for this blouse. I bought it at The Greenwood Quiltery in Guelph and I should have bought more. It is from Lecien too and it’s called Chatter Tailors. The pattern is from this book.


As some of you know, we live by the ocean here in California, so we make picnics or walks almost every day by the beach. We went to this beach on the weekend near our house and the tide was low, so we got to see lots of star fish, lots of shells and clams attached to rocks, seals lying on the rocks, jelly fish, sea urchents. It was so nice. 

Now I have to do some more sewing and cleaning around the house. I wish all a happy sewing and a happy week!!!

Thank you for visiting my little corner here.


2 Replies to “Spring is here and KCW Spring 2014 too!”

  1. Great outfit! And what lovely location to be! I’m in San Mateo and I’ve made it to Half Moon Bay once. Loved it! Nice to “meet” another local blogger!

    1. Thanks Melizza!!! I love this area, I think California is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and to have the beach so close its a treat, we go at least 3 times a week if not more. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers!!!

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