Day two of KCW challenge 2014!!

So I had planned two cute outfits for today, but I made a mistake on one and wasn’t able to fix it due to time.Image

Everything was going perfect and the I realized that I had attached the ruffles in the wrong way! I was so mad and frustrated because it was five in the afternoon and I was running  out of time. I had to change a pamper on Sebastián and Gaby was asking me already for dinner, so I couldn’t concentrate anymore, but I was able to stitch it back to its right place and today I will work on it so I can have it for tomorrows post.

This is what I have for today!!!


I call it the Washi dress, not MBR Washi Dress, that’s a dress I need to make for me, hopefully in a couple of weeks.This one I made for Gaby, I did a similar one like a year ago and it fit son nice, and she wore it on a trip to El Salvador. I used a batik fabric on the first one, but this time I went for the 4 meters I got of this Rashida Coleman Washi tape fabric. I love and then thought I could make a shirt for my son, it’s a very nice fabric!


Can you guess which pattern I used? Well, you know most of the things I make are from japanese  pattern books, and this one is no exception. It is from the Nani Iro book. I get all my books from Pomadour24, she has a huge variety of books and I always get mine in like a week!!! Her name is Megumi and lives in Japan.

Last but not least!!


I made this “galaxy” print leggins for her on sunday morning, it took me like 20 min and they were done. I self drafted this pattern. And I used a nice thick knit I got a few months ago from Girl Charlee, you have to visit her store (online) she has a huge variety of knits and at a very good price. We were at the University of San Francisco campus on Sunday, my husband teaches there and he’s getting a masters too, so he had to go and do some stuff. The kids had lots of fun going  in and out of buildings and running around. Now Gaby says she wants to go there all the time! It is such a nice University, with a nice view and I’m not religious even though I was raised under catholism traditions, but this school has one of the nicest church in the city.


When Gaby is in school Sebastián and I head to the beach if it is not too cold.


Or Golden Gate Park and even the zoo with a yearly pass, you can’t help it and visit the Lemurs!!!


That’s it for today. See you tomorrow same time same place.

Happy sewing!!!



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