KCW day 3!!!

I love how this top-tunic turned out. I used a pattern I found online for free and made some adjustments. I feel like making another one. Little Sebastian seems to enjoy the photo shoot moments we have with Gaby, so this time he joined again, even though he is not wearing a handmade outfit, the only new item here are his shoes and Gaby’s, he wears them from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed!!


And he joins…and I say…those shoes are so cute, they both look at them!!! Gaby said: so is he going to be on this pictures from now on? I said: well, maybe, I think he really likes it and you seem to enjoy his company too. Yes she said, “at least is not that boring with just the two of us”!!!!!!!! 


I used a voile I don’t know the name, because it didn’t have one on the selvedge like most fabrics do. I bought it Harts Fabrics in Santa Cruz. The shoes are from See Kai Run I love this brand the shoes are soft and last forever, Gaby has a very narrow foot, and this shoes are perfect for her. Sebastian runs, jumps, walks all the time, every minute, every second, so he really uses a pair of shoes well, until they have scratches, faded colors, and don’t fit. I have use this brand since Gaby was a baby, she used to walk on her tippy toes, have you seen that on some kids?

I have this two extra photos from a field trip we did a few weeks ago from Gaby’s class. She looks big here, big girl!


Have a productive sewing day. I need to sleep!!! 



2 Replies to “KCW day 3!!!”

    1. Oh!!! how nice!! thank you so much for visiting Marisa. How is the sewing going for you? I have so many things I want to sew but I don’t know if I will have the time! Have a nice week of sewing and I’m glad you came by!!!

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