Linen Pants for G

Hello all!!! I’m late as always posting on my blog, but my daughter came to my computer while I was away doing something else and she just close my wordpress window and the whole thing was gone!

Here are the images of the linen pants…ImageImageImageImageImage

This pants turned out just perfect even though my super Bernina failed me at some point, I was able to finish it and make a top as well. I used a very light blue Kaffe Fassett for the sailor top and for the pants a beautiful dark grey linen that I purchased from MissMatatabi etsy shop a while ago. I was saving it for a very special project but I have lots of fabrics like that, waiting to be cut for that special pattern!!!

I used a super super super cute pattern from this book. I always buy my japanese sewing books from my friend Megumi, she is so nice and anything you want and can’t find it on Amazon, or any other place she gets it for you, and her packages always come fast, visit her store. This designer, the creator of this fabulous patterns and books is just amazing and one of my favorite ones, she (FUKO)  has her blog here and it is all in japanese but the images are so pretty and you can see what she makes, I wish I was her daughter to get to wear all the pretty clothes!


We are having an amazing week here in Half Moon Bay. Hot weather almost like the tropics. But I have had a couple of headaches due to the heat. It is amazing how your body adjust to certain climates. I come from El Salvador and I lived there most of my life, and now I suffer with heat, but I don’t like the cold either. Half Moon Bay is the perfect middle point for that, because when it is foggy here and chilly you just get in your car and drive five or ten minutes away and it is sunny and hot.

I love it here and now the kids are happy too, I asked Gaby yesterday if we should go back to Canada, and she said NO, that all her friends are here and that she loves Half Moon Bay! She was packing her bags to go back to Canada the first couple of months, after 6 or 9 months she stopped asking when we would go back!!! It makes me happy to see that she is okay with the place now, we were worry for a while.

Are you guys more of hot-humid type of weather or you guys like the cold more? Where you live, is there a middle point during the year? I’m enjoying this now, in a month or two fog will be rolling in more and it will be grey.

Happy sewing and happy Labor day or Dia del Trabajo to El Salvador today!


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