Fuchsia skirt for summer!


At last, I was brave enough to cut this fabric. I bought this nice fuchsia-embroidered fabric at Discount Fabrics in SF a few days ago, and I’m always worry to ruin my fabrics specially when I’m testing patterns, like in this case. This is just a long rectangle and some elastic on the waist. It turned out so nice, I love it and Gaby loves it to. The top is out of a swiss dot fabric in black from the same store. The pattern is from this newly released book, I love this woman she creates the most beautiful patterns for girls, maybe she does for boys, but I have always made for Gaby only.


Skirt in progress!


I love how both things look. Summer come soon!!!

Happy long weekend!!!!


2 Replies to “Fuchsia skirt for summer!”

    1. Thank you Marissa!!! Doesn’t she look pretty? It is a nice fabric and they had it in different colors! Happy Sunday Marissa, and if you are in the States, enjoy the long weekend!!! Cheers!!!

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