A week of Camping part 1

We had an amazing time last week camping with the Grandparents that came to visit from Canada. We went up and down mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean, creeks, hot springs, forest and meadows. It was very nice for us and more for the kids who hadn’t seen the “abuelos” for a long time.

So I haven’t mastered the skills of camping yet, not the Canadian way or European way, but the way we did it this time ended up working well with the kids. We started at Merced River which was the kids favorite spot because of the river and because we could jump in the water anytime we wanted to. We tried a couple spots more, like Grover Hot Springs campground and Fallen Leaf Lake near Lake Tahoe. We liked them all, each had its own unique beauty (landscape) and we were lucky there were not much people camping, so it was quiete…except for our laughter! We might go back to Merced River and now we know which spot is the best. If you decide to try it too, get spot 26.

Here are some of the photos for us to remember such a good time. Thanks to Thomas and Astrid for visiting and and helping us around, thanks to Astrid for folding loads and loads of clothes and ironing them as well.


Merced River. Kids loved it!!


This was the beginning of the week at our favorite camping spot. You can see some had lots of fun!!!


And I was having some tension problems with both sewing machines, one was fixed, the other one gave me a headache so I put it away. I cut this one yesterday and was dying to try this pattern. I will blog about it on the weekend, it just needs buttons and voila!!!!

I will come back tomorrow hopefully and give you the second part of our Camping road trip!



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