A week of Camping part II


We stop at Yosemite and went up to the falls and met El Capitan. You could see some guys climbing and trying to set up there tents up there. What a beautiful place but next time we will reserve with time…in January before the good spots fill in.


Litte Basti was so excited to touch the snow, well, he doesn’t remember how much he hated his first winter and refused to put mittens or hat, and putting a snowsuit was always an ordeal…but when you see it like this, just passing by, it is always fun!


Then we stop and explored Mono Lake.


I have always seen Stalagmites in books, this time I saw them in person and touched them.


Now we found a spot at Grover Hot Springs and we liked it too. Hard to pick the best spot, each had something we liked.  We started our fires in the mornings and at night with pine cones, aren’t they pretty when they turned red?


Gaby was happy with her hammock, first thing that had to  be set up.


Papa reading a story to the kids. This was at Fallen Leaf Campground. Our final stop and then home.


Basti was happy with rocks, dirt, and his truck!


Gaby and Clifford had fun as well. Telling stories all the time and being silly on the road.


And Basti had a rock!!!


It was fun! It was good for the kids to be out in the nature and to bond with the grandparents. I hope you enjoyed them as well.

Have a nice weekend!!


One Reply to “A week of Camping part II”

  1. Negra te mandaste con todas estas fotos, puya, que no daría por estar un día en un lugar como ese. Puya, disfrutalo nigga, te lo mereces. Abrazos. Te veo pronto.

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