World Cup and Sewing

Every four years I get so excited about the only sport I really like and follow: SOCCER! The world cup is something special, it is an event that manages to put other activities on hold and even a whole family can sit down and watch a whole game together without getting bored. But my favorite sport now clashes with my favorite hobby, Sewing! I haven’t been able to what at least 3 or 4 good games because I have been trying to finish some sewing projects I had in mind since December.

In two weeks me and the kids will join my husband, who’s already in El Salvador (Central America) doing his master’s research. We have been skyping every day and he says it is hot and humid, and went to our favorite beach spot El Zonte and El Zunzal beach.

Sewing or Soccer? Hard to pick, today I watched Chile-Netherlands and I stopped watching when they were on the last 5 minutes! I wanted Chile to win they have been playing so good, but the Dutch have played pretty good. Brazil has always since little been my favorite team and still are, but I haven’t seen the magic yet for what they are famous for, they are lacking big names or maybe they are too used to being called the best team in the world. Argentina too, my favorite and haven’t seem them played yet, once I get into my sewing room I want to leave that space with something done.

Anyways, enough chit chat, here it is. I have so many other stuff to make like make up pouches for my friends and family, and little Sebastian needs a couple of shirts too. Lots to do and so little time!!!



The top I drafted my self and made it out of Lizzy House’s fabulous fabric and her collection Cat Nap. The shorts are out of Robert Kaufman Rustica Chambray in Indigo  both fabrics  I purchased from Hawthorne Fabrics. The shorts are from this new Japanese book purchased from my friend Megumi. This is an awesome book that I could not resist to buy. Little Sebastian likes to jump in our photo shoot all the time, Gaby likes it because it makes all this photo modeling less painful.


This cute white top it’s very breezy and easy to wear. I got the fabric at Discount Fabrics and the pattern is from this other new release as well, from this book Megumi’s online store on Etsy.


I was dying to work with this fabric for a while, I kept making plans for it but I was never sure what to make. Then I decided and made this cute top for Gaby that I have made so many times before. It is from this book. I love Lizzy House’s fabrics, the prints and colors and hopefully she comes out with a new collection soon.


A few minutes ago we were digging for some potatoes and carrots and this is what we got. Leek potato soup for dinner with roasted carrots with thyme sounds like a plan to me.

I still have other things to show you, but I’m running out of time, little ones are tired and there’s a nap required soon ahead.

I just heard Brazil has scored 2 goals!!!!! I need to go see that. Enjoy this week and soccer and happy sewing to some of you!!!


3 Replies to “World Cup and Sewing”

  1. I completely agree with you about the World Cup, we love it,too. Me, my husband and friends coming by to watch the matches makes every day special and funnier. 🙂

    1. I know!!! It is a interesting sport that brings lot of people together no matter the age or race or political views, most of people love soccer!! My son is almost 3 and the moment I turn the tv on to watch a game, the moment he hears the guys in spanish to comment the game ” Gol de Leonel Messi!!!!!!” my son starts kicking the ball and gets excited. I want to think that one half of him, the Latino side comes out or could be that his German side will make him become a soccer player one day, maybe he will be a scientist, and thats fine too. Enjoy this week full of good matches!!!

      1. I will, especially today as Italy is playing with Mexico ( I think). I completely agree with you (football-soccer) brings everyone together (positively)!!!
        Hope you have an amazing week ahead!!!
        Best wishes,

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