We are back!!!

We are back from our trip to El Salvador, 6 long weeks for me and the kids and 9 weeks for Phil who got there before us! But we are home now and nobody got sick or lost or hurt or anything that usually happens on a long trip like this. Last time the kids catch Rotavirus a very bad flu and it happened two days before leaving, it was not a fun flight!

I have some photos to share with you and I hope you like them.


Having lunch at the Sheraton San Salvador, this was an excuse to get to use the pool for a couple of hours, the heat was unbearable!

DSC_0022 DSC_0018

My niece joined us for lunch this day and was doing silly things to entertained her cousins.

DSC_0028 DSC_0044

And then we jumped in the pool…Basti is trying to pose like his sister!


It was Basti’s 3rd birthday while we were visiting my parents up in the mountains. We didn’t come that prepared but we all sing him HBD!!


This is Basti’s face wondering what was going on…we all started singing and he was a bit confused. That’s my dad thinking that the presents and songs were for him!!!


And we went for a walk afterwards…to our favorite spot!!

DSC_0107 DSC_0114 DSC_0121

Uncle Robert hanging out with his nephews and niece!


Hugging a tree!


Basti helping me pick the traditional candies from El Salvador during this time in the year. They had Papaya, coconut, figs, tamarind, and so many more!

Wait for my second part, third and maybe fourth, I have so many photos to share and things to tell.

It is nice to be back!!


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