El Salvador part 2


We spend a lot of time by the beach and this guy loved it and was fearless with the waves. Gaby was more careful and even though she has done this trip more times than her brother, she likes to be in the pool more. The heat was horrible like I mentioned on the previous post, I had Basti naked as much as I could, and always in the shade. Lots of sunscreen and long sleeve swimsuits were required, it worked because nobody got a sunburn or dehydrated!

It was nice to be there again for so long. I had lots of fun with my brothers and my nephews and niece were so nice to our kids.


Everybody took a nap here, except me!!! Here my older brother taking a break from the fun we were having!


Coconuts were there for us everyday anytime during the day! I satisfied my craving to a point that I would open one coconut and leave half full. I wish I could have this kind of coconuts here and save the inside to make ice cream or popsicles, oh my, maybe I didn’t eat enough I miss them already!DSC_0410DSC_0637DSC_0330DSC_0613DSC_0611

Somebody had a very good time! I see all these photos now and I feel nostalgic, I wonder when we will see all of them again. This is going to be a busy year and some things need to happen to decide where we are going from here and when. Don’t want to think about that now, so I will enjoy the moment and hope for the best outcome of things.


First time he saw cows this close.


One day we went until late at night at the beach, the water was so warm like soup! 


Strong boys!!


Me and my best friend having fresh Oysters!!! 

I can not wait until the next time!!!



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