Pomponio Beach

A few days ago, little Gaby woke up sick and she stayed home and no school that day. I ended up staying home with two kids, one healthy and full of energy and one a bit weak but willing to do something.

We all went for a nice power walk a few minutes away from home. We found a nice trail, with birds chirping and you could see the highway from there and sometimes hear the cars going by, but it wasn’t that bad. So we tried to concentrate on our walk and being there together and relax.

Kids loved it, both were so happy and we ended up from that trail all the way to the other side of the highway and walked by the beach on the way back to our car. We even saw lots of seals, it was a good way to start the day!

Take a look!


A very nice morning and I just love when we can spend some quality time like this the four of us.


And then we made it to the beach. This one is called Pomponio Beach right on Highway 1, and its like 15 minutes maybe from our place.


And you can spot some seals there too. Oh my,  California is one of the most beautiful states in this country, okay, Maine is another of my favorites, and Vermont too…this are my top 3 favorite states!! Three good reasons to be proud of being an American (I’m not, but I would be proud too).



Gorgeous day! Lets see what the week brings tomorrow! All the best to you all who take the time to visit my blog.

Muchos abrazos!


2 Replies to “Pomponio Beach”

    1. I know, it is just pretty even on foggy “winter california’ days. We are from Canada and I lost count of how many times we go to the beach every week. My son is still not fully potty trained so all this beautiful beaches are all mine and his during the week, we even got a year pass to all of the beaches in the area. They say Año Nuevo State Park is nice too, around January the seals come there and apparently is one of the biggest mating spots. Some of my photos are good but some not so much, and it is pure luck that sometimes I end up with 4 good ones out of 65 lets say. I’m not a professional but I do love taking photos! Thanks for stopping by, cheers!!!

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