Rain+cold= sewing time!

The rain has made it finally to California. Well, is not quite like rainy season in Latin America, but seems like Californians are in deep need of water even if it is only for two or three days. This has given me an excuse to stay home and sew a little bit. At the same time I’m trying to get my store going with more items in it, but every day I get new ideas that quickly new and better ones take over those at the beginning.

But here I am and hopefully you will like these images.

Gaby, my daughter is off the whole week due to Thanksgiving, we are having friends over, even though we already celebrated Thanksgiving in October (the Canadian way). Our friends are vegetarians, so I might need to dig deep into my vegetarian-latino recipes that are already popular amongst our friends.

I wanted to wish all of you who visit my blog everyday a Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it of course. You might be driving tomorrow off to see parents, friends, or they all might come to you. I hope your holidays are full of love and gratitude. Be safe!

DSC_0358 DSC_0356 DSC_0372

This is a beautiful fabric I found at Hawthorne Fabrics, one of my favorite stores here in the States and online. I decided to put black bias tape on pockets and neckline to highlight the dress a little. I didn’t have much black fabric but lately I’ve invested some money in buying remnants of japanese fabrics from Miss Matatabi Fabric shop on Etsy. There was a tiny double gauze piece of black fabric and used it! How do you use left over fabrics? Do you throw them away or do you treasure them and store them, thinking that the perfect project will come along and then you will use them? I save every bit, even more if it is a nice fancy fabric that is out of print.


Gaby is so happy with the scarf I managed to make, she went to school today like this, looking so pretty!


I call this dress, The Monet dress, it looks like a painting and the colors are so bright and its almost like an oil painting. I got the fabric from Fabric.com . I wasn’t sure what to make out of this fabric, I was scared that the print would be too bold. Everybody loves it, everybody ask me “where did you buy it” to what I proudly answer once again: ” I made it”.


Now the next image is of a dress I have made for Gaby several times before. This time I decided to try something different. I’m always worry about ruining a fabric, and this time I got to play with two different fibers, a  Knit fabric and quilting cotton.


The lighting in my sewing room is so bad sometimes. But the green is pretty much like this image and the feel of this fabric is just amazing, and it has a quilted pattern which makes it a very special fabric. I love this fabric so much I have decided to buy more of it from Miss Matatabi, she has a great  variety of fabrics, all of them japanese and high quality.

Thanks a lot for coming to my little corner, I get so excited to see that people all around the world come and see what I make. You definitely make my day every day! Besos to all Happy Holidays!