It’s Japanese Sewing Week!

Wow! I can’t believe it but I was able to finish a few pieces just in time for this week most special week, Japanese Sewing Week. Sara from Made by Sara is hosting this amazing sew along and I was able to sneak in right before the last spots were taken. I’m so excited to be part of such amazing sew along and to be posting along with these other incredible seamstress as well. You can read all about this sew along here. Also, there is a great giveaway, but I will talk about that at the end of this post. Oh! you can hashtag using #japanesewingweek and #JSWTuttle if you are using one of their books!


It is so hard to choose one or two patterns from so many books. They are all fabulous and the most interesting thing about Japanese Pattern Books is that they are very graphic and they explained things so well…it seems like they have very good step by step instructions, but for me the drawings are just enough to get me through each project. I can identified a few sewing terms now, after a few years of using them you get so used to them and thanks to some good sources out there like this one, then you pretty much can sew almost anything from them.


This is just half of my collection!!!

I want to share now my first project. I made it on Monday and I love it so much. I chose a nice flannel from Robert Kaufman that I got from Harts Fabrics in Santa Cruz. I could not think of the right pattern for this fabric, and I have been just flipping through patterns every once and a while trying to find the one. I decided to go with this one book that I adore. It is from A Sunny Spot  “Heart Warming Life Series” Pattern #17. So cute and easy to put on. My daughter loves it and perfect for the Fall or Winter. You can layer it with leggings or stockings, with long sleeve shirt or just a T-shirt. So cute.


I took everybody for a walk and the lighting at that time is just perfect for photos. I hope you like them.





It is such a beautiful dress (Jumper). Sebastián jumps into action when I say I have to take some photos. It was hard to keep him out of the rest of the photoshoot.


It was a very nice walk. This is one of my favorite beaches near us here in Half Moon Bay.

Second outfit:


My daughter was having Pijama Day today (Friday 20th) and I have been meaning to make a nice fancy pair of PJ’s for a long time. In my fabric stash I had a couple of meters left of this beautiful Knit fabric from Art Gallery  designed by Leah Duncan “Mojave Knit in Aloe” that I got from Hawthornethreads a while ago. Gaby loved it, she thought the fabric was nice and soft, soft enough to go to sleep in it. I love the print, and most of all, I love the fact that no little girl around here  has the  nicest PJ’s than my Chiquita!!!


I took this photo today in the morning before she went to school.


The top is this one, from this book


Pants are from this one with the girl in purple on the front page.


The third outfit:


I could not avoid using this great book. I mix two patterns from the two books, Vol 5. 1 y Vol. 2 of Happy Homemade. I have a thing for ruffles on little girls dresses or tops, and I wanted to try this eyelet fabric that I got at Discount Fabrics in San Francisco a year ago.


I have made a few pieces for me out of Japanese Sewing Books, but there’s never time to take photos or blog about it or…it is easier to make an excuse when I talk about sewing my own clothes.

Here are a couple of pieces I made in the last few months, some in the last few weeks.


This voile blouse I made it from this book . Fabric was from Ana Maria Horner, I bought from The Greenwood Quiltery in Canada.


First time I saw somebody making clothes out of these books was Karyn from The Workroom in Toronto. I felt in love with them and with her blog. She has a very unique way of finishing every piece and very creative too. She always has her own way of adapting or transforming a pattern. The fabric she picks, the changes she makes and how she photographs each.


This is my favorite cardigan. This book is pretty cool, the patterns seem to be for teens or for “younger” girls than me. But I guess that concept of being “young” it is subjective…right? I gave it a try and loved it. This is  the only photo of wearing it.


I promised to put a photo of this top. I made it a while ago and the first time I spot it was on Pinterest, somebody had made it and I decided to try it. Sorry about the yellowish image but I was running out of light in my studio so I ran outside to catch the last light of the day.


This is the blouse. Mie from Sewing Like Mad just made another version of  it. Very nice double gauze in blue. That is the beauty of Japanese Pattern Books, you can change them, add, or take in and they always turn out nice.


Talking about adding or taking in, I turned a dress pattern into a top. Karyn from The Workroom made the LONGER version and it is gorgeous, and I bumped into Grains Du Custo blog like 2 years ago and she had made a top out this pattern too and I thought it was a great idea, hers is very adorable it has lace on the yoke instead of a solid color like mine. So here is mine version. Cotton and Steel Rayon (grey and orange) with a voile yoke in mandarine orange from Free Spirits Fabrics.

IMG_6781 (1)DSC_0533

Thank you  Sara for letting me be part of a great event.

There is a giveaway for a chance to win a pack of 2 Japanese Sewing Books from Tuttle Publishing and a $40 fabric voucher from Urban Sew

to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Big applause to each of the amazing participants.

It has been a great experience but most of all an honor. You can check each post of each participant here.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.



18 thoughts on “It’s Japanese Sewing Week!

    1. Thank you Olga, I can’t believe either. The first 3 pieces made them this week and one of my tops made it last week, the rest was made this past summer.

  1. Woooooow so many things and all so beautiful!!! I have that first dress on my list for school clothes but holy moly I LOVE it in the plaid you made it in and the photos are gorgeous!! Also so so fun to see the same top that I made. Thank you so much for showing it and linking to me!!! And I cannot believe how many book you have – super jealous!!! :-)))

    1. Hi Mie, thank you, I’m glad you liked everything. It was a busy week, and I think I neglected my kids and husband a bit, but they are used to it specially when there is a deadline (in my sewing world). Thank you for visiting my little corner, I don’t post often because I never have much time to do it, but try to post as much as I can. See you around or until the next challenge!!!

    1. Hello Paula, Thank you. Yes I actually needed to make new things for my daughter and took advantage of the challenge. It was a great week of picking patterns and fabrics, it is my favorite part!!! I like the third dress a lot too, it is simple and easy to make but you can do so many things with the pattern, so I picked the ruffles from the dress in Happy Homemade 2 and the main dress from Happy Homemade 5, it worked so nice.

    1. Thank you Carla. I learned how to sew with these books, and sometimes I do use other patterns that are not in japanese, but most of the time I draw upon the japanese style and books, instructions are way easier than any other patterns. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments.

    1. Hi Rita, thank you and yes I think that book collection needs to calm down a little. But fabrics can get you in trouble too, we all seamstress have the same problem when it comes to pick just one or two meters of fabric, one is not enough right? Thank you for stopping by. Happy Week!!!

    1. I’m embarrassed, I should start donating them! Thank you for al the compliments, it’s easier to sew for girls than boys, but I enjoyed both when I get to it.
      Thank you for your lovely compliments and stopping by! Cheers

  2. You have such an impressive collection and you give it a good use too 😉 You have made so many outfits! I must say that my favourite is the third dress (I can’t resist embroidery and ruffles!!) but you did a fantastic job in all of them!

    1. Oh you are so nice! Thank you, I’m glad you liked everything, I do like the third dress a lot too. I was watching a movie with Kevin Costner “Black & White” while I was sewing that week, and there is a part in the movie that the little girl was wearing a dress with ruffles and eyelet yoke in chambray like my fabric, and I thought…Hey I have a fabric like that! That’s how I started tracing that pattern. Thank you for visiting!!!

  3. Patty, what a STUNNING collection of clothes (not to mention that incredible sewing book library!!). I love them all, but the eyelet-fabric dress is especially beautiful. The tops you made look great on you, too.

    1. Thank you so much Marisa, I really like sewing and using Japanese Patterns. When i bought my first Japanese pattern book I was so confused and I felt I had made a bad investment (3 books) and put the book away for a week or so, then I returned and I was determined to make something from it, and I did!!! There are days that I do get my sewing mojo and there are days that I don’t feel like being in my studio and do other things like photography or cooking or spend time with my kids. Thanks for stopping by and I’m thinking of making some holiday presents right now and post about it…if I get my mojo going!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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