First signs of summer. Some sewing projects.

This year has been a year of changes in our lives, lots of obstacles, goals to accomplish, moves and transitions  and honestly is all my sewing that has kept me sane and motivated to keep going and hope for amazing things to come in the future.

But I want to thank a very special person in my life, an amazing human being, he’s a very unconditional friend, partner, son, brother, and my husband. We make a great team together and my love for him is endless, the love he gives me is inspiring and I hope more people around us would give themselves a chance to see him like I do. My kids are lucky to have a great father like him, I couldn’t have asked for more in this life. Thank you Philip.

I’m very grateful for what we have now, not for what we don’t have or wish to have. I have never taken things for granted, and life has taught me that since I was very young. But in these fast pace of life we are all having sometimes, you tend to forget your religion if you have one, your mantras, your spirit, your confidence, life puts you to the test constantly.

I thought that at my 40’s I would have had my life figure out, or that I was a very humble and tolerant person among other things…turns out I was not!! So, with my sewing space at home, that has been giving me all this time lots of courage, lots of “thinking time” and peace of mind without losing perspective of our main problems that need to be fix.

Thank you guys (sewing community: IG, FB, Blog) for inspiring me everyday, for the support that you guys give me without knowing your doing it. You crafty, artistic, creative women/men are amazing and I love each of you and the work you do.

I don’t want this to turn into a whiny little post. But just wanted to say that and put it out there, don’t know why.

Now, I want to share something I made yesterday and a few days back for Gaby my daughter.

Summer is here in Canada, and in most places around the globe. I always look forward to this season, until it gets unbearably hot and then I wish for cold winter days…?


I made these cute overalls for Gaby. Pattern is from a japanese pattern book called Kana’s Standard for Kids, C-4 , instead of pants turned them into shorts.  Made a small mistake with the straps but I was able to fix them and you can’t see it. I think I cut them too short so I had to add 8cm to lengthen them. It all worked out. She has been asking them for a long time, and I couldn’t find the right material for this project. Then I went and look in my stash and found this gorgeous denim in such a soft drape. I need to find something like this again for some shorts or skirts for me or the kids. I bought this fabric last year on our last camping trip in California, in a cute fabric store up in Eureka named Eureka Fabrics!


Happy Sewing and Happy Wednesday!





Poppies, Big Poppie Flower dress for G

It’s been too long since I wrote something here. I can’t believe sometimes I can’t make it to the computer and sit for 45 minutes and write something. I try to set up a schedule and come here at least every 10 or 15 days, but either I’m lazy or I’m a unorganized person with my time.

Anyways, enough complaining and justifying myself.

I made a dress for Gaby yesterday in the morning. First I thought of donating it to an auction here in Half Moon Bay next month, but the dress looks so pretty on her, so we are keeping it.

DSC_0265  DSC_0280

I love this print, the fabric I got it from HawthorneThreads Fabrics one my favorite places. I think this one is from Laura Gunn. My original plan and idea was to cut a dress that would involve a circle skirt, but that implies to use more fabric, and since this one comes in a 45″ width I find it harder to set a circle skirt on a narrow fabric. I don’t know, maybe it is possible. I will try it I think, because it does make a difference.

Now back to the photos


Lighting was not my best friend yesterday, and Gaby was not really in the mood of posing, she still recovering from the Flu, but I mainly think it was more that posing for her mama’s constant sewing projects gets her moody. But we managed and were able to get good shots.

Oh, and the pattern I used (#15) for this dress is from this Japanese Pattern Book, I got it from my friend Megumi’s etsy shop.



Even as a Cat. A friend of her from school and good friends of us too, got this cool mask for Gaby’s 7th birthday. She (the mom) got it on her way to London at New Orleans where they spent Christmas last year. Isn’t amazing!!! We used it yesterday as a photo prop, and since Gaby loves loves loves Cats this was another way to make the 10 minutes of photo shooting more dynamic.

Processed with Moldiv


I have been trying to make some cute stuff for the Auction and I will donate this two baby girl dresses with doble gauze and linen bloomers. I love them, I wasn’t sewing like this when Gaby had this age, I wish I’ve had.

So I will make more stuff, I’m thinking two dress for bigger girls maybe 5 years and 7 and a pair of shorts and a button up shirt for a boy around 3 years old. I will post that once I’m done.

Happy Tuesday and keep on sewing!

It’s that time of the year…KCW Fall 2013!!


I haven’t write in a long time around here, but I have no computer, until next month. My husband is at yoga today in the morning and I stole his laptop and rushed to write something and add my new sewing triumphs. It is KCW since monday and I signed

myself for this time, and completely forgot that I can not blog daily, so I will only do it twice, today and friday that I have access to this computer.

I have seen what others have made already and I’m so impressed that makes me feel like sewing all day…I wish.

Knit long sleeve A knit Long Sleeve for Gaby.DSC_0302DSC_0297DSC_0292

So I made two tops out of this nice knit fabric I found at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz, one of the best experiences I’ve had buying fabric. If you are in the area try to go this place it is amazing!


This two dresses are the same pattern and decided to go with bold prints. Martha Negley on flowers and pink colours is my favourite. The pattern is from a Japanese book, called Check & Stripe Travel Issue. Gaby is sick today no school and to get inspired I told her to get her friend Nepal (Crane) to join. Things got better from here, Gaby needs a friend to be with her when she’s not in her zone.

Last but not least is this Frida Khalo dress I made yesterday. I can not show you pictures from the back because I ran out of batteries in my camera but I decided it no use a zipper and go for a button instead and a little button loop. For this dress I cheated because I made it on saturday to use on Sunday since I knew I was not going to be able to post anything for two days due to technical problems (no computer). So we went to the city and hang out at the Golden Gate Park and specially at the Japanese Gardens, so pretty.


Beautiful day and beautiful dress. Fabric got it online from Harts Fabrics two weeks ago, this one was out of stock in a lot of places, so I got myself four meters and be prepared for anything.

This is it, I hope you enjoyed it like I do when I see this images. I’m off to do some cleaning, and hopefully to get started on my next project before this challenge ends. Thanks for stoping by…have a nice day.

Christmas is almost here!


Haciendo las piezas para los monederos, cosmetiqueras y estuche para lapices. Making the panels for the coin purses, make up bags and pencil cases.


También diseñé mis propias viñetas, no se si están son permanentes pero por el momento funcionan. I also designed my own tags, don’t know if I will keep this ones but for the moment they work well.


Este fue el resultado final. Hice por lo menos treinta o mas y espero que todas lleguen a su destino y no se pierdan en el camino. This was the final result. I made at least 30 or more, and I hope that all of them make it to their final destination and don’t get lost on the way.

Asi decore los paquetes este año. Papel Kraft, tinta y sellos hechos a mano. Este sello es mi favorito de todos los que hice. This is how I decorated the packages this year. Kraft paper, ink and some handmade stamps. This stamp was my favorite of all.


Para hacer estas bolsitas use mi propio diseño pero la técnica fue inspiración gracias a este blog . To make this little bags I used my own design but the inspiration came from this blog.

Ya todas estas bolsas fueron enviadas a diferentes lugares, la mayoria a El Salvador. Espero que ustedes también esten inspirados en hacer algo a mano para amigos y familia. They have all been shipped to different places, most of them to El Salvador. I hope you are inspired as well to make something handmade for family and friends.

A new dress for Gaby’s Graduation!

Junio 27 fue el último día de escuela para Gaby. Hicimos un picnic en el colegio con sus amigos de clase, su maestra y el resto de JK y SK de la escuela. Para una fecha tan especial como esta decidí una vez más hacerle un vestido a Gaby. Cada vez, mejoro algunas técnicas de costura o descubro que algunos patrones son mejores que otros y cuales me dan ganas de repetirlos una y otra vez. No sé que hubiera sido de mi sino no supiera hacer ropa, lo que quiero decir es que la costura me ha ayudado con tantas cosas, me da tanta satisfacción poder hacerle la ropa a mi hija, mi ropa y muy pronto la de mi pequeño saltamontes Sebastián. Compartiré algunas imágenes de ese día. Este post iba a ser bastante largo originalmente, pero tres veces la computadora me lo ha borrado y hasta ahora he decidido volver a escribirlo, pero lo haré por partes porque sino me llevará una eternidad.

June 27 was the last day of school for Gaby. We had a picnic at school with all her classmates, her teacher and the rest of JK and SK from school. For such a special day like this I decided once again to make a dress for Gaby. I feel like I’m getting better every time with my sewing techniques or I find out that some patterns are better than others and which ones I feel like making them again and again. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I didn’t know how to sew, what I mean is that sewing has helped me in so many ways, it gives me such a satisfaction to being able to sew Gaby’s clothes, mine clothes and very soon Sebastian’s clothes, my little grasshoper! I’ll share some pictures from that day. This post was going to be longer than this originally, but the computer erased it three times and until now I decided to write it again, but I will do it in various parts otherwise this will take an eternity.

Este es el vestido. La tela es de Terrie Mangat para Freespirit, el nombre de la colección es On the Rio Grand. El patrón es de este libro japones. La tela la compré en Greenwood Quiltery hace mucho tiempo en una venta de descuento que tuvieron.  This is the dress. The fabric is from Terrie Mangat for Freespirit, the collection’s name is On the Rio Grand. The pattern is from this japanese pattern book. I got the fabric at Greenwood Quiltery on a fabric sale they had long time ago!

Gaby y su maestra preferida…Mme. Griffiths!!

Gaby and her favorite teacher…Mme. Griffiths!