Bear shirt and a special Bow tie

Hello!! I want to share some photos of the shirt I made yesterday for my son Sebastián and his special request: A bow tie!

I’m in love with this fabric ” Bear Hug in White Metallic”  from Sarah Watts from her collection Black and White 2 . I only got one meter specifically for his shirt, but now I’m wondering if I should get some more for “future projects” or “future hoardings”. He’s having a celebration this Friday at school “Día del niño” or Childrens Day. It is a celebration that started after the first World War and the UN stablished November 20th as the official day. Universal Children’s Day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination.

Every country celebrates this day on different dates in the calendar. In  El Salvador ( where I’m from) is on October 1st, in Mexico is April 30th, in Canada is November 20th in Germany September 20th, Colombia last Saturday of April, etc. So I think we are going with Mexico this time.

Shirt was quick and easy, I used a very old pattern that I found at my  moms house a few years ago, it is a vintage one.  I added  like 3 cm to the hem and sleeves length as well.

The bow ties I got the pattern from Grainline Studio, this woman (Jen is such a genius when it comes to creating patterns, basic pieces but you can do so many things with them. She has the tutorial and free pattern for this bow tie on her blog, it is meant for adults so I made it smaller so it would fit Basti. They are so quick to make and easy, now he’s asking for a necktie, and I’m searching for a good pattern for that, actually neckties scare me a little, they seem more complex with the folding and stitching…anyways, here are the photos of my little guy.


He was so excited and happy while I was taking these photos, and then he lost his motivation…


And I said: Actually I like it like that too (sad) and he cheered up again!


He says the blue bow is for Ernie (Sesame Street character, and old old stuffy that used to be my husband’s when he was 3 or 4)

Which bowtie  you like the most, I like both and love this shirt so much.

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful week!!!!



Gabriela will turn 7 soon!

Our Gaby will be 7 in less than 3 days!!! I can’t believe how fast it all happened. One day I was breast feeding this girl, changing pampers to a newborn, the first fever, the first tooth, solids, potty training…now she’s adding and subtracting, she’s reading the comics on the Sunday morning paper. All this is happening too fast, I wish she could stay seven forever!

Her birthday is on December 30th but most of her friends are gone on the holidays or are busy having family over and friends. So for the first time we celebrated her birthday with more than 4 friends. We had at least 10 kids in the house and it felt like 30 to me, but it was nice to hear all the voices and screams, and running around, we were very happy that she was enjoying the celebration.

Of course, I had to make a special dress for her that day so I got inspired from a photo a saw at Pinterest one day and went from there.

This is the image where I got the idea:


I think it is a such a cute idea, but I didnt have a nice solid like this pink or a cool print like the triangle section on this coat.


The birthday girl was a bit worried her friends were not there yet. This was taken 2 hours before!! So the waiting was long long long!


I love this fabric. I pre washed it just in case it would shrink a lot, but it didn’t much. I just got the last 3 meters from a store in Ventura called Superbuzzy, but this pink one from Nani Iro, I got it from Missmatatabi one of my 4 favorite fabric stores. You can see the dress I made has a cut on the sides almost similar to the narrow triangle shape that the Pinterest dress has. Now I’m thinking of trying it out with a solid and print.


She was so excited when she saw the bouncy house in the back of our house. They all jumped for at least two hours, and the screaming made the boys run away!


We had to move the fiesta into the garage since it was a bit cold and chances of rain. We played some Loteria (Bingo) in spanish! Some got very excited at the end.


Little Sebastián was overwhelmed with all the kids in his house. But he loved it too.


It was a nice day. Thanks to the parents that day that made it possible and brought their kids to our place, they made Gaby’s birthday extra special.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy days!!

Rain+cold= sewing time!

The rain has made it finally to California. Well, is not quite like rainy season in Latin America, but seems like Californians are in deep need of water even if it is only for two or three days. This has given me an excuse to stay home and sew a little bit. At the same time I’m trying to get my store going with more items in it, but every day I get new ideas that quickly new and better ones take over those at the beginning.

But here I am and hopefully you will like these images.

Gaby, my daughter is off the whole week due to Thanksgiving, we are having friends over, even though we already celebrated Thanksgiving in October (the Canadian way). Our friends are vegetarians, so I might need to dig deep into my vegetarian-latino recipes that are already popular amongst our friends.

I wanted to wish all of you who visit my blog everyday a Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it of course. You might be driving tomorrow off to see parents, friends, or they all might come to you. I hope your holidays are full of love and gratitude. Be safe!

DSC_0358 DSC_0356 DSC_0372

This is a beautiful fabric I found at Hawthorne Fabrics, one of my favorite stores here in the States and online. I decided to put black bias tape on pockets and neckline to highlight the dress a little. I didn’t have much black fabric but lately I’ve invested some money in buying remnants of japanese fabrics from Miss Matatabi Fabric shop on Etsy. There was a tiny double gauze piece of black fabric and used it! How do you use left over fabrics? Do you throw them away or do you treasure them and store them, thinking that the perfect project will come along and then you will use them? I save every bit, even more if it is a nice fancy fabric that is out of print.


Gaby is so happy with the scarf I managed to make, she went to school today like this, looking so pretty!


I call this dress, The Monet dress, it looks like a painting and the colors are so bright and its almost like an oil painting. I got the fabric from . I wasn’t sure what to make out of this fabric, I was scared that the print would be too bold. Everybody loves it, everybody ask me “where did you buy it” to what I proudly answer once again: ” I made it”.


Now the next image is of a dress I have made for Gaby several times before. This time I decided to try something different. I’m always worry about ruining a fabric, and this time I got to play with two different fibers, a  Knit fabric and quilting cotton.


The lighting in my sewing room is so bad sometimes. But the green is pretty much like this image and the feel of this fabric is just amazing, and it has a quilted pattern which makes it a very special fabric. I love this fabric so much I have decided to buy more of it from Miss Matatabi, she has a great  variety of fabrics, all of them japanese and high quality.

Thanks a lot for coming to my little corner, I get so excited to see that people all around the world come and see what I make. You definitely make my day every day! Besos to all Happy Holidays!

Pumpkin picking and some Halloween Themed sewing!

Pumpkin festival here in Half Moon Bay today, not a good idea to head out and be stuck in traffic, one of the reasons I did my grocery shopping yesterday and went pumpkin hunting yesterday as well.

Talking about Pumpkins, Halloween and sewing I decided to mix all of them together and make something very special for my kids to wear not only on Halloween but any day of the year.

I follow Miss Matatabi’s blog and I’m a happy customer at her etsy fabric store too. So Inspired by a very talented seamstress Youandmie I decide to try to make something funky too out this japanese fabric from Yoshiko Jenzeni printed by YUWA. Love every piece of it, and the weight of the fabric is just perfect for clothing and soft specially when you have kids that are too sensitive or picky about fibers touching their skin.

So yesterday after Gaby got out of school got both, shirt and dress ready and headed to a nice Pumpkin Patch near by. I think we were the last ones to come to the field because there was nobody else, so photos turned out perfect with no strangers pocking their heads or hands in my photo shoot.

Here they are, they look amazing and people are asking where did I buy the dress? or the shirt? And I say: I made it !!! And I say it always with a lot of pride! What a nice feeling!


Is this cute or what? I love love love this fabric and how both pieces turned out. I’m in love with my kids too and my amazing husband as well, all the things I do and have been able to do these years have been possible thanks to him and his unconditional love and support!

Basti goes everywhere with his wooden tractor that Papa brought him from Colombia two days ago! But you should see the drama he makes when the wagon comes off from the tractor!!! Boy!!!! I’m counting the days until this terrible…3? are over!!!






This was an amazing photo shoot. The lighting was almost perfect and my little models as well they rocked it once again!!!


The pattern for the dress was from an amazing book from Kecil Pohon. She released two books for kids clothing only, Gaby is about to outgrown the second book and I need to figure out how to make this dress bigger!


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in a colder weather country or state enjoy the last bit of fall weather/rain maybe, and for lucky me, I still have summer around here in California!

Besos to all!

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Fuchsia skirt for summer!


At last, I was brave enough to cut this fabric. I bought this nice fuchsia-embroidered fabric at Discount Fabrics in SF a few days ago, and I’m always worry to ruin my fabrics specially when I’m testing patterns, like in this case. This is just a long rectangle and some elastic on the waist. It turned out so nice, I love it and Gaby loves it to. The top is out of a swiss dot fabric in black from the same store. The pattern is from this newly released book, I love this woman she creates the most beautiful patterns for girls, maybe she does for boys, but I have always made for Gaby only.


Skirt in progress!


I love how both things look. Summer come soon!!!

Happy long weekend!!!!