Early Birthday Celebration


Almost 6!!! We had a potluck/birthday/picnic day with Sebastian’s closest friends from school at a local Splash Pad Park. His actual birthday is August 1st, but usually everyone is on summer holidays by then. So on August 1st it will be just a family gathering and maybe a trip to the zoo.

Here are some of his best pictures from that day and a couple I found from when he was smaller. Time has gone so fast, but I’m glad my kids are healthy and  happy, that’s the most important…and that I get some sewing done.




Made him a special organic cotton button up shirt using  Cloud9 Fabrics.


A mural in one street of Ataco, a town near the city of San Salvador,  shows kids hitting a Piñata


We had some piñata frenzy moments, no injuries, only those feelings of wanting to get most of the candy. It all worked out…I think. I love this photo with all the shades of hair and skin.


Every kid had a chance to hit the “Burro” “Chupacabra” “Llama” or whatever ancestral animal was that.

I grew up going to to birthday parties where a Piñata could not be missing in such event. The food menu was pretty simply: Chicken sandwiches bites and horchata ( a drink made out of rice, sesame seeds, nuts, cinnamon and milk) and of course a cake either homemade or store bought.

This is how Horchata looks. There are ones just made out of rice which is the most known and very easy to make. But the authentic Salvadoran one has all those ingredients on the right side photo, some seeds are hard to find outside the country.

Credit image: horchata and Seeds and nuts

Birthday parties have evolved in so many aspects, but the part I enjoy the most is getting to know the parents and the kids, sharing stories of our own or just having the usual conversation about what we now know best I think, Parenting!

I want to thank everyone for coming to the Fiesta and making Sebastián so happy that day. He really loves each of his friends, and I think this has been the best year for him, taking that we moved back from the States to Canada, for him was a big transition but manage to survive!

Looking forward to more memories and most of all good health!!!


Gaby Celebrating her fourth birthday in El Salvador.



First signs of summer. Some sewing projects.

This year has been a year of changes in our lives, lots of obstacles, goals to accomplish, moves and transitions  and honestly is all my sewing that has kept me sane and motivated to keep going and hope for amazing things to come in the future.

But I want to thank a very special person in my life, an amazing human being, he’s a very unconditional friend, partner, son, brother, and my husband. We make a great team together and my love for him is endless, the love he gives me is inspiring and I hope more people around us would give themselves a chance to see him like I do. My kids are lucky to have a great father like him, I couldn’t have asked for more in this life. Thank you Philip.

I’m very grateful for what we have now, not for what we don’t have or wish to have. I have never taken things for granted, and life has taught me that since I was very young. But in these fast pace of life we are all having sometimes, you tend to forget your religion if you have one, your mantras, your spirit, your confidence, life puts you to the test constantly.

I thought that at my 40’s I would have had my life figure out, or that I was a very humble and tolerant person among other things…turns out I was not!! So, with my sewing space at home, that has been giving me all this time lots of courage, lots of “thinking time” and peace of mind without losing perspective of our main problems that need to be fix.

Thank you guys (sewing community: IG, FB, Blog) for inspiring me everyday, for the support that you guys give me without knowing your doing it. You crafty, artistic, creative women/men are amazing and I love each of you and the work you do.

I don’t want this to turn into a whiny little post. But just wanted to say that and put it out there, don’t know why.

Now, I want to share something I made yesterday and a few days back for Gaby my daughter.

Summer is here in Canada, and in most places around the globe. I always look forward to this season, until it gets unbearably hot and then I wish for cold winter days…?


I made these cute overalls for Gaby. Pattern is from a japanese pattern book called Kana’s Standard for Kids, C-4 , instead of pants turned them into shorts.  Made a small mistake with the straps but I was able to fix them and you can’t see it. I think I cut them too short so I had to add 8cm to lengthen them. It all worked out. She has been asking them for a long time, and I couldn’t find the right material for this project. Then I went and look in my stash and found this gorgeous denim in such a soft drape. I need to find something like this again for some shorts or skirts for me or the kids. I bought this fabric last year on our last camping trip in California, in a cute fabric store up in Eureka named Eureka Fabrics!


Happy Sewing and Happy Wednesday!




Northern California Camping trip Part 1

Hello everybody, we are on Monday the beginning of the week and I’m happy because this strange phenomenon  here in Half Moon Bay we are having, with hot weather, blue sky and sunny at 8 in the morning. We haven’t seen rain yet and even though is alarming, I have to admit that on a day  like this I feel more like doing stuff around the house and out.

Today I want to share with you some of the photos of our little camping trip we did a couple of weeks ago. There were many hours of driving and almost 9 days of camping up north in the mountains and by the pacific coast too, it was worth it the driving and the days with no shower ( something I’m very much used to now) and mosquitoes that didn’t even get my ankles, but the kids were their favorite main dish, those dammed bugs, blood suckers and quite annoying little guys!

We started our trip in Napa but we didn’t camp there, it was too hot and to be honest it was not the place we had in mind, NOT that day! I mean, if it was about going there for wine it would be paradise, but not the ideal place to start our little summer adventure with little kids. We had lunch there and then we drove up north all the way to Trinity Lake part of the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

These are some of the images of our first camping spot.

Hola a todos, estamos en Lunes inicio de semana y feliz porque como fenómeno raro aquí en Half Moon Bay tenemos sol y cielo azul a buenas 8 de la mañana y con mucho calor. Todavía no hemos visto lluvia y a pesar que es preocupante, tengo que admitir que en un día así me dan muchas más ganas de hacer cosas en la casa o afuera. 

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes algunas imágenes de nuestro viajecito de camping que hicimos hace un par de semanas. Fueron muchas horas de manejo y 9 días de acampar en las montañas y por la costa del Pafícico, pero valió la pena la manejada y los días sin bañarse ( a lo cual ya estoy muy acostumbrada) y los mosquitos que no me picaron pero ni los tobillos, los niños si fueron platillo preferido para esos chupa sangre, condenados y fastidiosos!

Empezamos nuestro viaje en Napa pero no acampamos allí, estaba tan caliente y la verdad no era el lugar que teníamos en mente, no ese día!. Digo, si se trata de vinos claro que es el paraíso, pero no era el lugar ideal para iniciar nuestra aventura de verano con niños chiquitos. Almorzamos en Napa y de allí manejamos hasta Trinity Lake parte de Shasta Trinity National Forest. 

Estas son algunas de las imágenes de nuestra primera parada. 

Trinity Lake


We were happy that our camping spot was right by the lake…or not? The lake use to come all the way where I was standing and up to the edge where the trees are.

Estábamos tan felices de que nuestro espacio para acampar estaba justo por el lago…o quizá no? El lago solía llenarse hasta donde yo estoy parada y se llenaba hasta el borde de donde están los arboles.



Either way, we managed to find some water and cool ourselves for at least an hour. Little Sebastián is such a brave boy but when it comes to jumping in the water not so much.

Igual logramos encontrar agua y pudimos refrescarnos por una hora. El pequeño Sebastián is un niño muy valiente para muchas otras cosas, pero cuando se trata de mojarse o meterse al agua no mucho!DSC_0059

I think my husband won’t like it that I’m posting this “sexy” photo of him, but he is away this week, hopefully he doesn’t find out.

Creo que a mi esposo no le gustará que yo este publicando esta foto tan “sexy” de él, pero estará fuera toda la semana y espero que no se entere.


Kids had so much fun this day, and every time we travel anywhere they seem to bond more as brother and sister. This is the reason why we do it every year once or twice, to be closer to each other and forget about phones, TV, and all technology possible…except my camera!

Los niños disfrutaron tanto este día, y cada vez que viajamos a cualquier lugar nos damos cuenta que ellos se acercan más como hermano y hermana. Esta es la razón por la cual lo hacemos una o dos veces al año, para estar mas junto al otro y olvidarnos de teléfonos, televisión, y cualquier otro tipo de tecnología posible…excepto mi cámara!


These were the first of many more images. Tomorrow I will post more about our second camping spot.

Thank you for stopping by again. Theres no sewing going on today, but as soon as I get my mojo I will be back here with some more fabrics and needles .

Estas fueron las primeras imágenes de muchas. Mañana publicaré más sobre nuestra segunda parada.

Gracias por pasar nuevamente por aquí. Hoy no ha habido costuras, pero en cuanto agarre un impulso vuelvo con telas y agujas por aquí.

Pumpkin picking and some Halloween Themed sewing!

Pumpkin festival here in Half Moon Bay today, not a good idea to head out and be stuck in traffic, one of the reasons I did my grocery shopping yesterday and went pumpkin hunting yesterday as well.

Talking about Pumpkins, Halloween and sewing I decided to mix all of them together and make something very special for my kids to wear not only on Halloween but any day of the year.

I follow Miss Matatabi’s blog and I’m a happy customer at her etsy fabric store too. So Inspired by a very talented seamstress Youandmie I decide to try to make something funky too out this japanese fabric from Yoshiko Jenzeni printed by YUWA. Love every piece of it, and the weight of the fabric is just perfect for clothing and soft specially when you have kids that are too sensitive or picky about fibers touching their skin.

So yesterday after Gaby got out of school got both, shirt and dress ready and headed to a nice Pumpkin Patch near by. I think we were the last ones to come to the field because there was nobody else, so photos turned out perfect with no strangers pocking their heads or hands in my photo shoot.

Here they are, they look amazing and people are asking where did I buy the dress? or the shirt? And I say: I made it !!! And I say it always with a lot of pride! What a nice feeling!


Is this cute or what? I love love love this fabric and how both pieces turned out. I’m in love with my kids too and my amazing husband as well, all the things I do and have been able to do these years have been possible thanks to him and his unconditional love and support!

Basti goes everywhere with his wooden tractor that Papa brought him from Colombia two days ago! But you should see the drama he makes when the wagon comes off from the tractor!!! Boy!!!! I’m counting the days until this terrible…3? are over!!!






This was an amazing photo shoot. The lighting was almost perfect and my little models as well they rocked it once again!!!


The pattern for the dress was from an amazing book from Kecil Pohon. She released two books for kids clothing only, Gaby is about to outgrown the second book and I need to figure out how to make this dress bigger!


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in a colder weather country or state enjoy the last bit of fall weather/rain maybe, and for lucky me, I still have summer around here in California!

Besos to all!

link party

I just joined to this amazing party! You can try it out too!

San Luis Obispo

We were in San Luis Obispo for our 9th year wedding anniversary, our wedding was on September 10th but this time we celebrated it until the weekend. It is a nice area and out of all the little towns we passed by or stop at, San Luis was the nicest, cutest, and with more of a feeling of a city. They have the Cal Poly University and I think that,  makes a big difference to any city or town, there a lot of young people (probably students living there) and a good amount of tourists (like us). We walked around a bit and had some lunch and then headed up the hill to visit the church and one of the 22 missions if I’m not mistaken.

When I think of wedding anniversaries, I think of wine, hotels, nice food, relax, and fall in love again, but when you have kids the celebration concept changes completely. We went to little kids museum there in SLO, we had PIZZA for lunch!!, we got some ice cream and found a park! I enjoyed it a lot, and the kids did too. A friend told me to leave them with a babysitter or a friend or a relative, I said: no, I don’t leave my kids ever with babysitters and nobody will take care of your kids better than you, relatives…well there aren’t many available ones near by. I’m a martyr maybe, or too attached to my kids, but me and my husband enjoy traveling around with our kids. We all have fun together, they will leave the house one day, and why not enjoy them now that they still like to hang out with you, travel, or sometimes kiss you!!

So here are some photos of our trip. Enjoy!


We went into the church and Gaby started to pray for something.

This day I wore a nice top I made for myself out this nice fabric I bought from Missmatatabi. It was a self drafted pattern and maybe next time I will add 3cms. to the hem, I felt it was too short for me, good thing it didn’t shrink at all. The pants are linen, confortable ones but got them a while ago at United Colors of Benetton.  Oh, Gaby is wearing something new too, a dress I made and put it on my etsy store as well.


Somebody got to happy at church, this is a good sign!!! No one was looking so we didn’t get kicked out…luckly.


It was one of the nicest churches I have visited in quite some time. It fell so nice to be siting on the benches they had around the gardens.


Then we took a break and went back to our hotel. Next day we wen to the Farmer’s Market and head back home…but we made a stop at…DSC_0919

Hearst Castle!!!


A huge property and some parts had that European castle feeling, but then some parts were not too pretty, it reminded me of the buildings at Alcatraz.


Check this pool out!!! This was our favorite spot in the whole place! There were mermaid’s statues, some chairs to sit around the pool and the tiles were so pretty, I only need a couple of meters from there to make my bathrooms look nice!


Mister Smile really gets my heart when he looks at the camera like this!


It was such a nice weekend and we were so happy to celebrate such an important day in our lives now with our two “chiquitos”!! It was very hot too, and we all avoided the sun as much as we could.

I’m glad to share our happy weekend photos with you, how do you celebrate special days like this in your life?

Happy Sunday!