Bear shirt and a special Bow tie

Hello!! I want to share some photos of the shirt I made yesterday for my son Sebastián and his special request: A bow tie!

I’m in love with this fabric ” Bear Hug in White Metallic”  from Sarah Watts from her collection Black and White 2 . I only got one meter specifically for his shirt, but now I’m wondering if I should get some more for “future projects” or “future hoardings”. He’s having a celebration this Friday at school “Día del niño” or Childrens Day. It is a celebration that started after the first World War and the UN stablished November 20th as the official day. Universal Children’s Day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination.

Every country celebrates this day on different dates in the calendar. In  El Salvador ( where I’m from) is on October 1st, in Mexico is April 30th, in Canada is November 20th in Germany September 20th, Colombia last Saturday of April, etc. So I think we are going with Mexico this time.

Shirt was quick and easy, I used a very old pattern that I found at my  moms house a few years ago, it is a vintage one.  I added  like 3 cm to the hem and sleeves length as well.

The bow ties I got the pattern from Grainline Studio, this woman (Jen is such a genius when it comes to creating patterns, basic pieces but you can do so many things with them. She has the tutorial and free pattern for this bow tie on her blog, it is meant for adults so I made it smaller so it would fit Basti. They are so quick to make and easy, now he’s asking for a necktie, and I’m searching for a good pattern for that, actually neckties scare me a little, they seem more complex with the folding and stitching…anyways, here are the photos of my little guy.


He was so excited and happy while I was taking these photos, and then he lost his motivation…


And I said: Actually I like it like that too (sad) and he cheered up again!


He says the blue bow is for Ernie (Sesame Street character, and old old stuffy that used to be my husband’s when he was 3 or 4)

Which bowtie  you like the most, I like both and love this shirt so much.

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful week!!!!


It’s Japanese Sewing Week!

Wow! I can’t believe it but I was able to finish a few pieces just in time for this week most special week, Japanese Sewing Week. Sara from Made by Sara is hosting this amazing sew along and I was able to sneak in right before the last spots were taken. I’m so excited to be part of such amazing sew along and to be posting along with these other incredible seamstress as well. You can read all about this sew along here. Also, there is a great giveaway, but I will talk about that at the end of this post. Oh! you can hashtag using #japanesewingweek and #JSWTuttle if you are using one of their books!


It is so hard to choose one or two patterns from so many books. They are all fabulous and the most interesting thing about Japanese Pattern Books is that they are very graphic and they explained things so well…it seems like they have very good step by step instructions, but for me the drawings are just enough to get me through each project. I can identified a few sewing terms now, after a few years of using them you get so used to them and thanks to some good sources out there like this one, then you pretty much can sew almost anything from them.


This is just half of my collection!!!

I want to share now my first project. I made it on Monday and I love it so much. I chose a nice flannel from Robert Kaufman that I got from Harts Fabrics in Santa Cruz. I could not think of the right pattern for this fabric, and I have been just flipping through patterns every once and a while trying to find the one. I decided to go with this one book that I adore. It is from A Sunny Spot  “Heart Warming Life Series” Pattern #17. So cute and easy to put on. My daughter loves it and perfect for the Fall or Winter. You can layer it with leggings or stockings, with long sleeve shirt or just a T-shirt. So cute.


I took everybody for a walk and the lighting at that time is just perfect for photos. I hope you like them.





It is such a beautiful dress (Jumper). Sebastián jumps into action when I say I have to take some photos. It was hard to keep him out of the rest of the photoshoot.


It was a very nice walk. This is one of my favorite beaches near us here in Half Moon Bay.

Second outfit:


My daughter was having Pijama Day today (Friday 20th) and I have been meaning to make a nice fancy pair of PJ’s for a long time. In my fabric stash I had a couple of meters left of this beautiful Knit fabric from Art Gallery  designed by Leah Duncan “Mojave Knit in Aloe” that I got from Hawthornethreads a while ago. Gaby loved it, she thought the fabric was nice and soft, soft enough to go to sleep in it. I love the print, and most of all, I love the fact that no little girl around here  has the  nicest PJ’s than my Chiquita!!!


I took this photo today in the morning before she went to school.


The top is this one, from this book


Pants are from this one with the girl in purple on the front page.


The third outfit:


I could not avoid using this great book. I mix two patterns from the two books, Vol 5. 1 y Vol. 2 of Happy Homemade. I have a thing for ruffles on little girls dresses or tops, and I wanted to try this eyelet fabric that I got at Discount Fabrics in San Francisco a year ago.


I have made a few pieces for me out of Japanese Sewing Books, but there’s never time to take photos or blog about it or…it is easier to make an excuse when I talk about sewing my own clothes.

Here are a couple of pieces I made in the last few months, some in the last few weeks.


This voile blouse I made it from this book . Fabric was from Ana Maria Horner, I bought from The Greenwood Quiltery in Canada.


First time I saw somebody making clothes out of these books was Karyn from The Workroom in Toronto. I felt in love with them and with her blog. She has a very unique way of finishing every piece and very creative too. She always has her own way of adapting or transforming a pattern. The fabric she picks, the changes she makes and how she photographs each.


This is my favorite cardigan. This book is pretty cool, the patterns seem to be for teens or for “younger” girls than me. But I guess that concept of being “young” it is subjective…right? I gave it a try and loved it. This is  the only photo of wearing it.


I promised to put a photo of this top. I made it a while ago and the first time I spot it was on Pinterest, somebody had made it and I decided to try it. Sorry about the yellowish image but I was running out of light in my studio so I ran outside to catch the last light of the day.


This is the blouse. Mie from Sewing Like Mad just made another version of  it. Very nice double gauze in blue. That is the beauty of Japanese Pattern Books, you can change them, add, or take in and they always turn out nice.


Talking about adding or taking in, I turned a dress pattern into a top. Karyn from The Workroom made the LONGER version and it is gorgeous, and I bumped into Grains Du Custo blog like 2 years ago and she had made a top out this pattern too and I thought it was a great idea, hers is very adorable it has lace on the yoke instead of a solid color like mine. So here is mine version. Cotton and Steel Rayon (grey and orange) with a voile yoke in mandarine orange from Free Spirits Fabrics.

IMG_6781 (1)DSC_0533

Thank you  Sara for letting me be part of a great event.

There is a giveaway for a chance to win a pack of 2 Japanese Sewing Books from Tuttle Publishing and a $40 fabric voucher from Urban Sew

to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Big applause to each of the amazing participants.

It has been a great experience but most of all an honor. You can check each post of each participant here.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.



Just the four of us on Christmas!!!

This year we are not traveling anywhere and we decided to spend it quietly with our kids, easy day at home. We went to the city (SF) around 10:30am to have lunch in Little Italy, and from there we were going to go to church at USF, they have a beautiful church and there was a kids choir singing that afternoon. How convenient it turned out for us, mass at 4pm!!! It is always at 6, or 7pm and by then this kids are loosing it or tired, or falling asleep already. But 4 was wonderful. So we went and they managed to stay put for at least 45 minutes…it was enough for them and it was fair for the rest of people who wanted to enjoyed the whole event. So I’m happy it was something nice at the end and nobody got “hurt”.

Well, two days before I remember Gaby didn’t have something special for Christmas to wear, since I was busy planning her birthday and family visits in between, I didn’t have much time to sew, but managed to finish a dress one day before.

Her brother ended up wearing something store bought not as exciting or special like her outfit but he looked “guapo” (handsome). Our little walk before mass was at Presidio a lookout that we have stopped by before. It was windy and cold that day, so photos were taken quick and not so good!


Not the best photo of me, but this is me these days, I feel tired…I always do, might be age. What can I do but to age gracefully! hahaha!

DSC_0135 DSC_0136

This dress is so pretty. It is a light purple (lilac I would say) and is 100% cotton. Bought it a long time ago at the fabric store I had near by in Canada. I still have more of it and other colors!

DSC_0139 DSC_0146 DSC_0151 DSC_0163

This boy looked so cute even though his clothes were not handmade by mama. For now I can only make pants sometimes for him, shorts, shirts and t-shirts. But find it more fun to sew for girls honestly, I won’t give up on him though.

DSC_0166 DSC_0180

Basti and Papa

DSC_0181 DSC_0241

Enjoying the sun that was not that warm that day.


Our kids love to walk around the university campus, and love eating there too…me too!


Before the mass.


I hope you all enjoyed Christmas day with family and friends. Lets hope for a better year, for less craziness around the world, less violence, more peace, more love, more humanism from us towards others less fortunate.

Happy Holidays to all!

Pumpkin picking and some Halloween Themed sewing!

Pumpkin festival here in Half Moon Bay today, not a good idea to head out and be stuck in traffic, one of the reasons I did my grocery shopping yesterday and went pumpkin hunting yesterday as well.

Talking about Pumpkins, Halloween and sewing I decided to mix all of them together and make something very special for my kids to wear not only on Halloween but any day of the year.

I follow Miss Matatabi’s blog and I’m a happy customer at her etsy fabric store too. So Inspired by a very talented seamstress Youandmie I decide to try to make something funky too out this japanese fabric from Yoshiko Jenzeni printed by YUWA. Love every piece of it, and the weight of the fabric is just perfect for clothing and soft specially when you have kids that are too sensitive or picky about fibers touching their skin.

So yesterday after Gaby got out of school got both, shirt and dress ready and headed to a nice Pumpkin Patch near by. I think we were the last ones to come to the field because there was nobody else, so photos turned out perfect with no strangers pocking their heads or hands in my photo shoot.

Here they are, they look amazing and people are asking where did I buy the dress? or the shirt? And I say: I made it !!! And I say it always with a lot of pride! What a nice feeling!


Is this cute or what? I love love love this fabric and how both pieces turned out. I’m in love with my kids too and my amazing husband as well, all the things I do and have been able to do these years have been possible thanks to him and his unconditional love and support!

Basti goes everywhere with his wooden tractor that Papa brought him from Colombia two days ago! But you should see the drama he makes when the wagon comes off from the tractor!!! Boy!!!! I’m counting the days until this terrible…3? are over!!!






This was an amazing photo shoot. The lighting was almost perfect and my little models as well they rocked it once again!!!


The pattern for the dress was from an amazing book from Kecil Pohon. She released two books for kids clothing only, Gaby is about to outgrown the second book and I need to figure out how to make this dress bigger!


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in a colder weather country or state enjoy the last bit of fall weather/rain maybe, and for lucky me, I still have summer around here in California!

Besos to all!

link party

I just joined to this amazing party! You can try it out too!

KCW 4th day!

Here I am again, on a productive morning and went to bed at midnight so I could post today something.

Seems like I have been able to make two pieces per day since day one, but today I’m going to work on something for tomorrow. My daughter’s school is celebrating Lunar year and tomorrow they have to wear lots of red and they will have later on the day a nice parade! So I have been thinking what to make and which fabric to use. I have an Alexander Henry nice asian fabric but I have a Nani Iro red and white fabric from Pocho Collection?

Right now I want to show you what I made for this day. I hope you like them.


So this dress I made out of this beautiful fabric I got from Pink Chalk Fabrics a while ago. It is called Elephant Lothus flower Haathi Organic and it’s from Mona luna Fabrics. I used a Japanese Pattern Book and changed a thing or two. It’s from this book.


This dress was so easy to make so quick, but I did try the pattern on a muslin like a month ago. The pattern is from this book, and the front bodice has two crossed pieces and they kind of opened.  I think is pattern C, I like it  a lot so I changed it and this was the occasion to give it a try. The fabric I used is a Joan’s Fabric, I liked it when I saw it and it was only five dollars the yard I think.

Sorry about not so nice pictures but I just took this photos and it’s kind of rainy here in Half Moon Bay today, so the lighting wasn’t the best. Gaby was cold and her brother Sebastián started cutting the lemons that with the first rain are blooming… the tree is loaded…I see mojitos and Cubas libres for this weekend!!!


Happy Thursday and keep on sewing!!!!


Family, some sewing and last days of summer!

He escrito este post dos veces, esta es la segunda y espero que no se vuelva a borrar…como me saca de onda esto que se borre justo cuando estoy a punto de publicar. En fin, hemos tenido un mes no tan ocupado pero interesante, suficiente para mantenernos algo movidos por aquí. Primero tuvimos la visita muy grata de familiares visitándonos desde Alemania, la familia Von Elsner, Dirk y Sia (espero sea la manera correcta de escribir su nombre, sino mis disculpas anticipadas), Sia es la hija de la esposa de mi suegro. Me agrado mucho volver a verla a ella y los niños y su esposo. Los niños estan ya grandes pero tienen una paciencia o por lo menos son buenos para jugar con chiquitines como los míos, especialmente con Gaby. Mi hija quería hasta irse a dormir con todos a la casa de los abuelos, pero creo que Astrid tenía sus manos llenas y sobre todo porque el abuelo Thomas esta malito de salud pero ya pronto se sentirá mejor y podremos volver a la rutina de antes, o sea a comer quesos, pasteles, chuletones ahumados, cervecitas, chorizito en fin ya no sigo o lo haré sufrir a mi pobre viejo.

Hace una semana tuvimos otra visita de Alemania otra vez, en esta ocasión fue la familia Holst, un primo de Felipe vino a pasar vacaciones a Canada pero también por cuestiones de trabajo. Catherine su esposa me cayó tan bien, una linda chica, buena mamá con su chiquito Lenni y con un buen sentido del humor y lo mejor de todo una mujer simple y fácil de complacer, de esas mujeres ya no hay muchas pues habemos mujeres que nos complicamos la vida por cosas tontas como ropa, zapatos, maquillaje o todo ese tipo de vanalidades pero bueno, cada quien en lo suyo, ella fue para mi una mujer con quien se puede hablar tranquilo y de lo que sea.

Al mismo tiempo he podido hacer un par de cositas por aquí, aunque no en la cantidad que tenia planeado pero algo es algo. El colegio ya pronto inicia y solo es esta semana de vacación y el miércoles cinco Gaby inicia clases. Ya esta inscrita en clases de natación y de baile, que por cierto irá al mismo lugar donde dos de sus mejores amigos Nathan y Caprice van, ellos son compañeritos en el colegio también.

Espero esten todos aprovechando lo que resta del verano, no puedo creer que he tenido que poner la calefacción como en tres ocaciones pues en la madrugada se siente el frío ademas de la excusa de tener un calentador nuevo y aire acondicionado nuevo en toda la casa.

En El Salvador ha estado temblando bastante ultimamente y ayer hubo uno grande con amenaza de tsunami, pero no ha pasado nada malo o trágico hasta el momento, hace un par de horas mi hermano me dijo que había vuelto a temblar, ojalá no sea nada malo.

No queria terminar mi post con una nota mala pero es lo que esta pasando en este momento.

Feliz Lunes a todos y gracias por visitar mi blog.

I have written this post twice now, this is the second time and hopefully it won’t erase again…this really drives me nuts when I’m about to publish something and all of the sudden is gone. Anyways, we have had a not so busy month but interesting, enough to keeps us moving here. First we had a nice visit from relatives visiting from Germany, the Von Elsner family, Dirk and Sia ( I hope I’m writting her name correctly, otherwise I’m sorry), Sia is the daughter of my father in law’s wife. I really liked seeing her again, her kids and her husband. The kids are already big, but have enough patience to play with  my little ones, specially Gaby. My Gaby wanted to go to the grandparents house and sleepover with everybody there, but I think Astrid had her hands full and mainly because Abuelo Thomas is a little sick right now but soon he will feel better and we can get back to our old routine, that is eating lots of cheese, cakes, smoked pork chops, beer, chorizos, I’ll stop here so I don’t make my poor old man suffer.

A week ago we had another visit from Germany again, in this case was the Holst family, Felipe’s cousin came for vacation to Canada but he came to do some work as well. I liked his wife Catherine so much, lovely girl, good mama to her son Lenni and with a great sense of humour, and the best of all is that she was a very simple girl and easy to please, one of those women that you don’t see much out there anymore, there are women that complicate their lives over superficial stuff like clothes, shoes and make up, but well, every person enjoys what they do, and to me she was a girl that you could talk about anything in a very relax way.

At the same time I have been able to make a few things here and there, although not the amount that I wanted or had planned to, but at least is something. School starts next week and this week is last week of vacation, wednesday the fifth Gaby starts classes. She’s already registered for swimming classes and dance classes, by the way she will go to the same place that her two best friends go to, Nathan and Caprice, they are classmates at school too.

I hope everybody is taking advantage of the last bit of summer, I can not believe I have already use my heating about three times now, but in the morning around 3 it gets chilli here, and that gives an excuse to use my new furnace and air conditioning in the whole house!

Meanwhile, in El Salvador they have been experiencing some earthquakes for the last week and just yesterday they had a big one but the epicentre was in the ocean, that led to Tsunami alerts but then nothing happened, a couple of hours ago my brother told me that another one was felt in the city, hopefully nothing bad happens.

I didn’t want to end my post with bad news, but that’s what’s going on right now.

Happy monday to everybody and thanks for visiting my blog.


Both boys playing (Basti and Lenni)


Sorry everybody, this was the best shot I got from you all.


Gaby taking a break from the littliest!!


I made this skirt for Gaby. The fabric is from Michael Miller, you can’t see well here but is brown and minty green polka dots.


Gaby said she wanted to pose up in the air!! Another skirt this one the fabric is from Alexander Henry, beautiful print and I should have bought more of this.


My first Tova Tunic. I love this fabric I bought at my local shop The Greewood Quiltery just a week ago. I made a tiny little mistake on the yoke but you can’t see much, but it bugs me. I like it and can not wait to make another one. This is not my best photo, but my photographer was tired I think, this one was the most decent one.


I made the cutest Kimono set for Basti last week. This is out a Batik fabric from The Greewood Quiltery. Beatiful boy, and beautiful kimono!


I tried to get a nice shot of Basti walking with his Kimono, but this boy is on the run all the time.

And last but not least…


Seeing this kids playing together is the best experience I have ever had. You can see a proud father in the back. I enjoy the chance to be able to make their clothes, for a seamstress this is the cream on top of the pie, sew beautiful stuff that fits, that they wear over and over again. If I make something that they wear only once for a photo, is not worth it and it was a waste of money, so I always try to pick the right patterns, fabrics and notions.

Summer and some projects to finish!

Yes, summer finally came to Guelph. Beautiful blue skies, nice wind and some heat in the afternoons doesn’t bother me at all. But besides all the beauty happening outside my house, I have so many plans and projects (sew related of course) and can’t seem to start one thing, I have picked so many pretty patterns for me and the little ones but I feel stuck right now. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, playing, and running errands keeps me away from my sewing machine this days.

The herbs we planted last weekend are already coming out except for the cilantro!

Here are my images of this day. Have a nice week and hopefully I will have more sewing done this time.

Si, el verano finalmente llegó a Guelph. Lindos cielos azules, rico viento y el calorsito en las tardes no me molesta para nada. Pero a parte de toda la belleza que se esta dando allá afuera de mi casa, yo tengo tantos planes y projectos ( relacionados con costura por supuesto) y no logro iniciar ni una cosa. He escogido unos patrones de ropa lindos para mi y para los pequeños pero me siento atorada. Lavandería, cocina, juegos, y haciendo mandados son las cosas que me mantienen alejada de mi máquina de coser estos días.

Las hierbas que plantamos el fin de semana pasado ya están saliendo excepto por el cilantro!

Aquí las imágenes de este día. Que tengan una linda semana y espero terminar algo de costura esta vez.


Some of my fabrics! Algunas de mis telas!




Some of the patterns I’m working on right now. Algunos de los patrones en los que estoy trabajando.Image

I’m planning to make this top for this summer! Estoy planeando hacer esta blusa para el verano.


Arugula is coming out quick! La arúgula esta saliendo rápido!


I think these are lilacs and they smell sooo nice. This is right next door to our house. Creo que estas son Lilas y huelen tan rico. Esto es justo a la par de nuestra casa.


Kaffe Fassett Top and shorts are some old piece of linen I had there. Blusa de Kaffe Fassett y shorts de un pedazo de lino que tenía por allí.



Basti and me.