Bear shirt and a special Bow tie

Hello!! I want to share some photos of the shirt I made yesterday for my son Sebastián and his special request: A bow tie!

I’m in love with this fabric ” Bear Hug in White Metallic”  from Sarah Watts from her collection Black and White 2 . I only got one meter specifically for his shirt, but now I’m wondering if I should get some more for “future projects” or “future hoardings”. He’s having a celebration this Friday at school “Día del niño” or Childrens Day. It is a celebration that started after the first World War and the UN stablished November 20th as the official day. Universal Children’s Day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination.

Every country celebrates this day on different dates in the calendar. In  El Salvador ( where I’m from) is on October 1st, in Mexico is April 30th, in Canada is November 20th in Germany September 20th, Colombia last Saturday of April, etc. So I think we are going with Mexico this time.

Shirt was quick and easy, I used a very old pattern that I found at my  moms house a few years ago, it is a vintage one.  I added  like 3 cm to the hem and sleeves length as well.

The bow ties I got the pattern from Grainline Studio, this woman (Jen is such a genius when it comes to creating patterns, basic pieces but you can do so many things with them. She has the tutorial and free pattern for this bow tie on her blog, it is meant for adults so I made it smaller so it would fit Basti. They are so quick to make and easy, now he’s asking for a necktie, and I’m searching for a good pattern for that, actually neckties scare me a little, they seem more complex with the folding and stitching…anyways, here are the photos of my little guy.


He was so excited and happy while I was taking these photos, and then he lost his motivation…


And I said: Actually I like it like that too (sad) and he cheered up again!


He says the blue bow is for Ernie (Sesame Street character, and old old stuffy that used to be my husband’s when he was 3 or 4)

Which bowtie  you like the most, I like both and love this shirt so much.

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful week!!!!



A visit from El Salvador

Hello, I have been busy last month with the visit of my nephews from El Salvador and my brother. There was no sewing at all and now I think I’m running late for handmade Christmas presents, but everything is posible!

I want to share with you some photos I took during their stay, they are too many so I will share just a few.

Hola, he estado tan ocupada este último mes con la visita de mis sobrinos y hermano que vinieron de El Salvador. No tuve ni chance de hacer costuras y creo que estoy algo retrasada con los regalillos navideños hechos a mano, pero todo se puede y será posible!

Quería compartir algunas fotos que tomé durante la estadía de ellos aquí, y como son muchas compartiré solo unas cuantas.

Grover Hot Springs ( This time in winter)



It was an amazing experience for the kids, to be in the pool in the middle of winter. One was cold and the other one was hot (naturally hot). It looks like its dirty but it was so nice and clean. My nephews were saying: Patty!!!! this is too hot, we can’t do it!!! they spend almost two hours in it, like tadpoles !

Fue una experiencia increíble para los niños, el estar en una piscina justo en invierno y en un espacio abierto. Una piscina estaba fría y la otra caliente ( pero naturalmente caliente). Pareciera que esta algo sucia, pero el era el agua más limpia y clara. Mis sobrinos me decían: Patty!!! esta agua está muy caliente, no creo que nos podamos meter mucho!! Luego pasaron casi dos horas metidos allí como renacuajos!


First time in the snow. The youngest one said he would jump in the lake that was near by and he would do it for 45 dollars! As soon as he was out he took it back…he said he had forgotten his shorts…yeah right!

Primera vez en la nieve. El sobrino menos dijo que él se metía al lago que estaba allí cerca por 45 dólares! Al no mas salir del carro se retractó y dijo que lo que pasa es que se le habían olvidado los shorts…si como no!!!!


We went to Emerald Bay or more like we took photos from the road, but it is such a beautiful spot, you can not go there without taking some pics. We went to Tahoe, we did Yosemite and El Capitan and Merced, second time now since we moved here to California two years and half ago. We did a few spots a the city like Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Warf and walked lots in the city one day from ChinaTown up until the ports.  It was a great visit and nice trip.

Fuimos a la Isla Esmeralda, bueno más bien tomamos fotos desde la calle que pasa arriba, pero la verdad que es una parada que hay que hacer y tomarse una fotito del recuerdo. Fuimos a Tahoe, Yosemite y El Capitán y el área de Merced, por segunda vez desde que vinimos a California hace dos años y medio. Visitamos algunos lugares en la ciudad como el Puente del Golden Gate, Fisherman’s Wharf y caminamos bastante un día por el barrio chino hasta llegar al puerto.  Fue un gran visita y lindo viaje.


Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for visiting my blog during this year. It has been a good year and I have a few goals for 2016 lets see if I can accomplish them.

I really wish that the world becomes a less tumultuous place to live next year, and that each of us work on building a better place for our little ones and families and friends.

Send you all my love and hugs in this holidays!!!

See you in 2  0  1  6!!!

Feliz Navidad a todos! Gracias por haber visitado mi blog durante este año. Ha sido un año bueno y yo tengo algunas metas por cumplir en el 2016 a ver si lo logro.

Deseo que el año que viene el mundo se vuelva un lugar menos tumultuoso para vivir, y que cada uno de nosotros trabajemos en construir un mejor lugar para nuestros chiquitines, familias y amigos.

Les mando todo el amor y muchos abrazos para estas fiestas!

Nos vemos en el 2   0   1   6!!!! 



El Salvador part 2


We spend a lot of time by the beach and this guy loved it and was fearless with the waves. Gaby was more careful and even though she has done this trip more times than her brother, she likes to be in the pool more. The heat was horrible like I mentioned on the previous post, I had Basti naked as much as I could, and always in the shade. Lots of sunscreen and long sleeve swimsuits were required, it worked because nobody got a sunburn or dehydrated!

It was nice to be there again for so long. I had lots of fun with my brothers and my nephews and niece were so nice to our kids.


Everybody took a nap here, except me!!! Here my older brother taking a break from the fun we were having!


Coconuts were there for us everyday anytime during the day! I satisfied my craving to a point that I would open one coconut and leave half full. I wish I could have this kind of coconuts here and save the inside to make ice cream or popsicles, oh my, maybe I didn’t eat enough I miss them already!DSC_0410DSC_0637DSC_0330DSC_0613DSC_0611

Somebody had a very good time! I see all these photos now and I feel nostalgic, I wonder when we will see all of them again. This is going to be a busy year and some things need to happen to decide where we are going from here and when. Don’t want to think about that now, so I will enjoy the moment and hope for the best outcome of things.


First time he saw cows this close.


One day we went until late at night at the beach, the water was so warm like soup! 


Strong boys!!


Me and my best friend having fresh Oysters!!! 

I can not wait until the next time!!!


Easter and Earth day !

We had lots of fun just the four of us celebrating Easter a few days ago and Earth day as well. This was the first time for little Sebastián having an Easter Egg Hunt, was not perfect but we manage. I think it took us 15 minutes to find all the eggs with both kids with a melt down in between, but quickly recovered and found out what was all this craziness about.

Growing up, we never had such thing as Easter Egg Hunt and Easter bunny, in Latin America if you are a Catholic you not only get to have yummy food for those days but some do “ayuno” or Fasting. My grandma did for sure, and you were not supposed to eat red meat, nor chicken, preferably beans, rice, tortillas, water, and if you had a bit more money in your budget for the week Fish! You see, to me this was more authentic, more real, even though now I’m not a religious person but more spiritual, as a kid I had lots of fun. Another fun thing during this days to see or to make with others in your community was that so famous Alfombras (carpets) . This type of art was made out of wood shavings that people would put color in to make the drawings on the streets. A lot of traffic during this days because some roads would be closed because the Alfombras were being set up. I have lots of respect for people making this and being so committed to their religions and beliefs, no matter if they are catholics or christians, mormons, or muslims…I think that when you Do religion in the right way, it can be something special.

I grabbed this images from google images, so you can see how they look.


I think this one is in Guatemala. They make a big celebration during Holy Week. It is so pretty to go to Antigua Guatemala but gets busy so you need to make reservations in hotels with lots of advance.


This two are in El Salvador, and growing up I would see my neighbors working hard and if you were lucky having a little snack and lots of water because this is the hottest time of the year!

Food is very important like I mentioned at the beginning. No meat preferably, but you can have sea food. We have lots of amazing fruits in Central America and they become the highlight of this popular event. We make Mangoes, but we peel the mangoes and we use raw sugar cane and cinnamon sticks and throw the fruit when it is boiling, we let them boil until it turns sticky and syrupy. We do this with plantains but not green ones, the yellow ones, we also make pumpkin “miel”  and cut them in little chunks, we have other fruits called Jocotes ( it is like a cherry size fruit with a big hard seed, flavor is almost like passion fruit), a fish soup, some corn patties filled with cheese or beans, and so many other things I could go on, and on, but I’m starting to salivate and I wish I could be there now.


This image is mine. I made the very special Fish Easter soup on Sunday. My Grandma passed the recipe to my mom and now I have it! Inside each corn flour pattie or Torta in spanish there’s a piece of dry salty fish, this time I opted for fresh shrimps that I precooked before putting them in the flour mix. They were delicious!!!! The next two images are not mine like the first three images about Alfombras, but I put a link to them so you can check them out.


This are Jocotes


And this are the mangoes

So, Easter is different for me, but for a few years I had to switch to the Bunny and chocolates and I still make jokes about to my husband about what does a Bunny has to do with religion? I had to look it up to see the origins of this holiday, and it turns out it started in Germany. Okay I thought, only a true German can pull this off well, I’m sure they still do and do it more authentic than North America. But still, I think it is cute and since I am not a real catholic, I feel more like believing in one universal God, a God who doesn’t discriminates color, race, gender, borders and all of this stupid things humans have created to avoid mixing up like a big Piña Colada!!.

I consider the Easter Egg Hunt so convenient now that I have kids and are not raising them under any religion, because I want them to decide one day what they want to do or believe in, I can give them principles and values and moral and love, but religion I can not impose, and I hope nobody translates this to my mom because she won’t like it, but she knows that’s how I am now, and she still loves me!!!

Anyways, I try to avoid talking about God and this type of topics here in my sewing blog, it is so tricky to agree to one point of view, and mine it is far from being right, but it works for me and my small family and feels right to me. I am not trying to offend  anybody . I just wish everybody would love each other and be happy.

Here are some photos of our tiny easter day around the house in 15 min. We spent Earth day in the City (SF) and ended up at my husband’s university (USF) and it was pretty that day.


A walk up to the little forest by our house. This was at 8 in the morning on Easter Sunday. We found a cat and made…roasted cat!!!!


We bought some lady bugs too to release them into our garden!





USF Campus / Earth Day


This is it…I hope you enjoyed it and didn’t get offended, it is only my personal opinion about some things in life.

I need to sew instead of talking about controversial subjects.

Happy weekend!!!!

KCW Last Day!!!

I was not able to post anything yesterday, the weekends are almost sacred for us, it is the only time we do things the four of us and yesterday the weather was beautiful, today, not so much, it has rain the whole day!! A good excuse to sew something quick and pretty.

I made this leggins for Gaby and a long sleeve top that I wanted to put a print on, but the print didn’t work out!!! I won’t get rid of it and she will wear it just like it. I love the top a lot it’s from this book, and the leggins I drafted them myself from an old pair she had, I just add more seam allowances. The fabric from that I used for the leggins I bought in El Salvador, amazing fabric super soft and easy to work with. The grey knit on the top is from Girl Charlee that I recently discover thanks to the KCW blog.

Hope you like them!!!


Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed this KCW so much, I was able to make more than I usually commit to. Now Gaby has a few pieces more in her wardrobe that need it to be filled with more colour and and style. I hope you had a productive challenge and that we will all keep making fantastic things for us and our kids and friends!!! Happy Sunday!!! See you next week I hope, I want to share some pics from my trip to El Salvador and other stuff.