Palm trees dress in Rayon.


I made this dress for Gaby way before there were signs of warm weather, but I could not wait to make it and try the fabric as well. It is a light weight fabric, Rayon in a very summery print with palm trees and ocean waves, and sailboats…I hope she still fits in it by the time we make our trip to El Salvador this year in December. Pattern is from Kana’s Standard II and next time I will make it a little bit longer maybe just right at her knees…she was not confortable wearing it without leggings underneath, too short she said!!! So looks like I need to find or make capri leggings to pair them with the dress.



Dabbing is part of our photo sessions now…anything for a photo I think.


I think I have a few projects already finished but I haven’t had the time to blog about. Maybe tomorrow I can post a couple more.

Thanks for stopping by…now I have some more sewing to do.



Algonquin Camping Trip-2016


It has been a while now since I’ve posted something on my blog. It has been a busy summer for us. We are not living in California anymore and came back home, to Canada! It has been a bit stressing for the four of us but hopefully things will come back to a more steady routine.

We have always done camping since we met with my husband, and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have all these years. Yesterday we got back from Algonquin Park here in Ontario. Gorgeous place, I have been here twice before but never portaging like we did this week. Four portages and five lakes!!!! I thought that the kids would not be able to handle the walking and carrying their stuff and sitting very still in the canoe…but they did!

Here are some of our best images of this awesome trip, can’t wait for next summer!!!


 Getting some gas and then we are set to go. Algonquin here we come!!!!



Taking a break before we do the first lake.

DSCN0965 (1)

We had to wait, it started to rain and we couldn’t go…


Then we found our chance to do it, Magnetawan Lake was our first one.



Our first camping spot. So we did five lakes but the first day we did only 3 and camped one night at Ralph Bice Lake, too big to do it when the weather was not so nice. Next day we were heading towards Queer Lake but had to do Little Trout Lake before.


I was on charge of that fat red bag…amazing how you can get used to the  load after a couple of stops. That canoe has quite a mileage, has been everywhere and it has been in my husband’s family since he was 3ish? We got some nice compliments from various people on this trip.


That’s Phil trying to find a nice spot to bring in the canoe.

DSCN1101 (1)


Kids loved it so much, we still can not believe it. There were no complaints or requests to go back home. They went in the water, they ate their food, they didn’t mind the “toilet” in the woods, they were great!


Kids peeling the hard boiled eggs we brought for lunches or dinners.

DSCN1029DSCN1026 (1)

Having rocks for a snack!  (they were actually chocolates that looked like rocks, got them at the bulk store)


I got caught eating my pasta and eggs!!!




It was a beautiful experience and now I’m looking forward to our next summer and next location. Also, we are very happy to be back to Canada now, you don’t appreciate something until you don’t have it, we had so much here. I really want my kids to grow in a nice environment, with a good sense of community and of course with some culture to pass on to other generations.

Happy Week!


Pumpkin picking and some Halloween Themed sewing!

Pumpkin festival here in Half Moon Bay today, not a good idea to head out and be stuck in traffic, one of the reasons I did my grocery shopping yesterday and went pumpkin hunting yesterday as well.

Talking about Pumpkins, Halloween and sewing I decided to mix all of them together and make something very special for my kids to wear not only on Halloween but any day of the year.

I follow Miss Matatabi’s blog and I’m a happy customer at her etsy fabric store too. So Inspired by a very talented seamstress Youandmie I decide to try to make something funky too out this japanese fabric from Yoshiko Jenzeni printed by YUWA. Love every piece of it, and the weight of the fabric is just perfect for clothing and soft specially when you have kids that are too sensitive or picky about fibers touching their skin.

So yesterday after Gaby got out of school got both, shirt and dress ready and headed to a nice Pumpkin Patch near by. I think we were the last ones to come to the field because there was nobody else, so photos turned out perfect with no strangers pocking their heads or hands in my photo shoot.

Here they are, they look amazing and people are asking where did I buy the dress? or the shirt? And I say: I made it !!! And I say it always with a lot of pride! What a nice feeling!


Is this cute or what? I love love love this fabric and how both pieces turned out. I’m in love with my kids too and my amazing husband as well, all the things I do and have been able to do these years have been possible thanks to him and his unconditional love and support!

Basti goes everywhere with his wooden tractor that Papa brought him from Colombia two days ago! But you should see the drama he makes when the wagon comes off from the tractor!!! Boy!!!! I’m counting the days until this terrible…3? are over!!!






This was an amazing photo shoot. The lighting was almost perfect and my little models as well they rocked it once again!!!


The pattern for the dress was from an amazing book from Kecil Pohon. She released two books for kids clothing only, Gaby is about to outgrown the second book and I need to figure out how to make this dress bigger!


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in a colder weather country or state enjoy the last bit of fall weather/rain maybe, and for lucky me, I still have summer around here in California!

Besos to all!

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Half Moon Bay Tide pools

I have so many good photos from this past 2 weeks while the grandparents visited that I can help not to post things ones too.

We go often to this place near our home, but you have to check online to see when the tide is low. So we took them here right after dropping Gaby off at school, it is the only time that tide is ver very low.

You can see the sea lions on the rocks, the seagulls flying around and if you are lucky you can see starfish on the rocks, lots of sea urchins, clams, crabs and more interesting sea life.


Can you see the crab hiding under the rock?


Basti had everybody on their knees…a game he came out with.


Thomas and Astrid, the sun hasn’t come out here yet! It is sunny everywhere else but here. Thank you for visiting once again. See you soon.

A week of Camping part II


We stop at Yosemite and went up to the falls and met El Capitan. You could see some guys climbing and trying to set up there tents up there. What a beautiful place but next time we will reserve with time…in January before the good spots fill in.


Litte Basti was so excited to touch the snow, well, he doesn’t remember how much he hated his first winter and refused to put mittens or hat, and putting a snowsuit was always an ordeal…but when you see it like this, just passing by, it is always fun!


Then we stop and explored Mono Lake.


I have always seen Stalagmites in books, this time I saw them in person and touched them.


Now we found a spot at Grover Hot Springs and we liked it too. Hard to pick the best spot, each had something we liked.  We started our fires in the mornings and at night with pine cones, aren’t they pretty when they turned red?


Gaby was happy with her hammock, first thing that had to  be set up.


Papa reading a story to the kids. This was at Fallen Leaf Campground. Our final stop and then home.


Basti was happy with rocks, dirt, and his truck!


Gaby and Clifford had fun as well. Telling stories all the time and being silly on the road.


And Basti had a rock!!!


It was fun! It was good for the kids to be out in the nature and to bond with the grandparents. I hope you enjoyed them as well.

Have a nice weekend!!

Trip to El Salvador/12

Desde que nos vinimos a vivir a Canadá, tratamos de ir a El Salvador por lo menos una vez al año y cuando se puede dos. Hace dos meses estuvimos allá disfrutando con amigos y familia y recordando tantas cosas. Ahora que tenemos hijos tenemos un motivo aun más fuerte para ir y así estos chiquitos puedan tener una conexión con su 50% lado latino. A Gaby mi hija mayor la hemos llevado desde que tenía once meses de edad, ahora ya tiene cuatro y junto con Sebastián nuestro  bebé de siete meses los viajes serán aún más emocionantes y con experiencias e historias que contar. Estas son algunas de los cuatrocientas imágenes que captamos durante nuestra estadía en el país. Hubo playa, montañas y la ciudad, todo en 12 días increíbles, más los días extras que yo me quedé un tanto obligada.

Since we came to live here in Canada, we tried to go to El Salvador at least once a year or twice if we could. Two months ago we were there enjoying with friends and family, and remembering so many good things. Now that we have two kids the more reason to keep going back, so this little ones can have a conecction with their 50% latin side. We have taken Gaby to the country since she was ten months old, now she’s four and along with Sebastian our seven month old baby, the trips will now be more exciting and with more experiences and stories to tell. This are some of the four hundred images we captured during our stayed in the country. There was beach, mountains and the city, all in 12 amazing days! and a few more extra days that I ended up staying a bit against my will.

En la playa comiendo y jugando. Felipe, Gaby y Rodrigo mi sobrino. At the beach having some food and playing. Philip, Gaby and Rodrigo my nephew.


Basti ya con sueñito. Basti getting sleepy.

Gaby buscando a papa y papa esperando la metida del sol. Gaby looking for papa and papa waiting for the sunset!

Gaby teniendo una discusión con Obe acerca de….Scooby? Gaby having a discussion with Obe about…Scooby?


Un pastel hecho al gusto de la cumpleañera Gaby. A custom made birthday cake for Gaby from tia Belinda.

Retrato familiar, Felipe casi que no logró llegar. Family picture, Philip almost didn’t make it!

Enseñandole a la Gaby el arte de usar una hondilla. Teaching Gaby the art of using a sling shot!

Orellana Siblings. Hermanos Orellana

A Gaby le encantó jugar con el gato de la abuela llamado Mincho. Gaby loved playing with Grandma’s kitty cat named Mincho. Gaby con una blusa hecha por mi y la tela es de la diseñadora de patrones y telas para niños Liesl Gibson. Gaby is wearing a top I made, and the fabric is from the pattern designer and fabrics for kids Liesl Gibson and Oliver + S.

Mi abuelo aun vive y nuestros hijos tuvieron la suerte de conocerle en este viaje. Nos tomamos una foto familiar con los otros bisnietos también.My Grandfather is still alive and our kids were lucky enough to meet him on this trip. We took a family picture with the other  great-grandchilds as well.

De regreso a la ciudad de nuestro viaje de la montaña en Perquin, paramos por comida en La Ventana Restaurant. Si vienes a El Salvador no dejes de pasar por este lugar, tienen las mejores Micheladas, Göulash, Sandwishes y entradas. Cuando viviamos allá este fue nuestro lugar favorito antes de ir a echarnos una bailada de salsa a La Luna Casa y Arte. Oh! esos dias!!! A Gaby le gusto y a los otros niños también. Vamos a regresar definitivamente. On our way back to the city from the mountains from Perquin we stopped for some food  at La Ventana Restaurant. If you are in El Salvador stop by this place they have the best Micheladas, Göulash, Sandwiches and appetizers. When we were living there this was our favorite place before we would head for some salsa dancing at La Luna Casa y Arte. Oh! those days!!! Gaby liked it and the other kids too. We are definitely coming back again.

Pupusas y Micheladas en La Ventana. Las pupusas fueron hechas en casa por Mamá Mima para el viaje de regreso. Pupusas y Micheladas at La Ventana. The pupusas were homemade by Mamá Mima for the trip back.

Mi cuñada, mi papá y mi hermano mayor…celebrando la boda de mi hermano menor. My sister inlaw, my dad and my older brother…celebrating the wedding of my younger brother.

Mi mamá, un tío y su esposa de visita en la casa. My mom, an uncle and his wife visiting the house.

Best “shoots” from the past!

Mi hermano y yo en el campo con el ganado. My brother and I in the country with the cattle.

Mi hermano y un primo jugando con jeringas llenas de agua. My brother and a cousin playing with some syringes.

Mi hermano menor comiendo dulce de algodón en el Zoológico. My youunger brother eating cotton candy at the Zoo.

Una de las clásicas, mi papá en el centro (jajaja) y dos de sus hermanas, el perrito parece haber sido photoshopeado, pero en esos gloriosos tiempos no había tal efecto. One of the classics, my dad at the center (hahaha) with two of his sisters, the puppy looks like he was photoshop but back in those glorious days there was no such thing. 

Mi hermano mayor y yo otra vez. My older brother and I again. 

Mis queridos padres! My dear parents!

Mi hermano y todas las novias que tenía en aquel entonces. My brother and all the girlfriends that he had back then.

Esta foto me gusta tanto, los colores, la modelooo y mi papá sin ser un fotógrafo profesional supo aplicar la ley de los tercios. I love this picture so much, the colours, the model and my dad without being a professional photographer he knew how to apply the rule of thirds.

Momentos inolvidables y que perduraran por siempre. Por un momento dan ganas de volver a ser niño otra vez y no tener preocupaciones y pasar jugando hasta tarde con los amigos. Unforgettable moments that will last forever. For a moment I felt like being a kid again and have no worries and spent the afternoons playing with friends.