Bear shirt and a special Bow tie

Hello!! I want to share some photos of the shirt I made yesterday for my son Sebastián and his special request: A bow tie!

I’m in love with this fabric ” Bear Hug in White Metallic”  from Sarah Watts from her collection Black and White 2 . I only got one meter specifically for his shirt, but now I’m wondering if I should get some more for “future projects” or “future hoardings”. He’s having a celebration this Friday at school “Día del niño” or Childrens Day. It is a celebration that started after the first World War and the UN stablished November 20th as the official day. Universal Children’s Day is not simply a day to celebrate children for who they are, but to bring awareness to children around the globe that have succumbed to violence in forms of abuse, exploitation and discrimination.

Every country celebrates this day on different dates in the calendar. In  El Salvador ( where I’m from) is on October 1st, in Mexico is April 30th, in Canada is November 20th in Germany September 20th, Colombia last Saturday of April, etc. So I think we are going with Mexico this time.

Shirt was quick and easy, I used a very old pattern that I found at my  moms house a few years ago, it is a vintage one.  I added  like 3 cm to the hem and sleeves length as well.

The bow ties I got the pattern from Grainline Studio, this woman (Jen is such a genius when it comes to creating patterns, basic pieces but you can do so many things with them. She has the tutorial and free pattern for this bow tie on her blog, it is meant for adults so I made it smaller so it would fit Basti. They are so quick to make and easy, now he’s asking for a necktie, and I’m searching for a good pattern for that, actually neckties scare me a little, they seem more complex with the folding and stitching…anyways, here are the photos of my little guy.


He was so excited and happy while I was taking these photos, and then he lost his motivation…


And I said: Actually I like it like that too (sad) and he cheered up again!


He says the blue bow is for Ernie (Sesame Street character, and old old stuffy that used to be my husband’s when he was 3 or 4)

Which bowtie  you like the most, I like both and love this shirt so much.

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful week!!!!


Finding Inspiration these days!

For the last month and a half we have been sick with flu, cold, and last week my kids got some immunizations that were a couple of months over due. We still have a dry cough that won’t go away no matter how much tea, honey, ginger we take, it is still there and hopefully we are almost done with it.

I haven’t done much sewing, oh, wait…maybe I did, but do not have any photos from those projects. I made two cute Inari Dresses, one out of Rayon and the other out of a nice light linen that I got from Miss Matatabi a while ago, but once I get photos ready I will share them with you, hopefully I won’t take me months for that.

Today I want to share a pair of cute shorts I made for my daughter a week ago, it is a bit cold still but I think the warm days are around the corner to wear shorts and skirts and sleeveless tops.


These shorts are super easy and simple to make. Fabric is Nani Iro Pocho in silver pink and got it maybe 4 years ago in Canada at the Greenwood Quiltery. Love the metallic details. Beautiful fabric it feels like linen but it is a double gauze. Pattern is LESSON 1 A from this great Japanese Pattern Book “LESSON BOOK” by Yuki Katagai.


I made this dress a while ago, maybe a year ago and like so many other clothes I haven’t been able to write a post about it.

So quick note, this one is my favorite one and I have done it twice now. Love the print with kitten faces (Girls are crazy about kittens lately, do you know why?) Fabric I got it from Miss Matatabi , and pattern is B2  from this good pattern book from my friend’s Etsy store Pompadour24.


This is a short post but wanted to give you guys some life signals, I’m still here, just a bit busy and tired and trying to get my sewing mojo back.

Thank you for visiting, hope you had a great Easter weekend, we did here in Half Moon Bay!

Big hugs!!!!


Nani Iro for Mama and daughter!

Yes, summer is here and it feels hot and dry, no rain in California makes me wonder how long is the draught going to last. And some people haven’t yet realize that this is an alarming situation and its affecting all of us, not only here in California but everywhere in the globe.

A plumber came one of these days to fix a toilette in the house and told me how much water fancy neighborhoods use to water their endless gardens. He said to me that there was a family that was watering their garden everyday and their monthly bill would be $7,000 dollars !!!

I have decided to take only 3 to 4 showers a week, and kids too, and they have to be quick. One day I will have to shower only once a week maybe,but for now 3 is good, not too clean not too stinky.

But lets do some sewing talking, I have completely been neglecting this blog and I have been feeling lazy honestly, Instagram is so easy and quick but not much space to post a lot of images at once and write about them in a extended form.

Today (Sunday, July 5th) we took some photos because Gaby and me wanted to wear similar outfits, and blogging about it is a nice way to show you how we wore our Nani Iro clothes. Little Sebastián poses just for the fun of it, and because he loves photos more than Gaby. As you can see on the images my hair was wet…Sunday was my third shower of the week!!!


I had a small piece of fabric left over with this print. I made a top for me a while ago and then thought I could make something else for myself again(selfish me), but a mother’s love is bigger and better than that, and right after our camping trip two weeks ago, I cut this one without much thinking.

It is an amazing fabric, you won’t go wrong using Nani Iro fabrics. It’s always a dream, I wouldn’t mind to make all my clothes out of double gauze like this one. Gorgeous prints and great colors! I got this one from my favorite shop on Etsy MissMatatabi(Frances). You should go and check out her store, very nice fabrics, she’s so nice and my fabrics always come very quick. If you are not into sewing, you will be after you get your hands on this beauties.



Another little cute detail on this top is that I made a special button for it, covered it with more  NANI IRO!!!!


Are you constantly daydreaming about her fabrics or any other pretty fabric?

I daydream every day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and when I go to sleep too, and if I have trouble putting myself to sleep I just think about fabrics….I really do, and all the things I can make the next day. Only you guys can understand that feeling, nobody else!!!

Congrats to the United States on celebrating their Independence Day yesterday, we went for a walk down to the beach and it was madness, but nice,  everybody was waiting for fireworks at night and BBQs were going everywhere, I felt hungry!!!

So, I hope everybody is having a laid back Sunday with friends and family.

Happy Sewing 😉

Day two of KCW challenge 2014!!

So I had planned two cute outfits for today, but I made a mistake on one and wasn’t able to fix it due to time.Image

Everything was going perfect and the I realized that I had attached the ruffles in the wrong way! I was so mad and frustrated because it was five in the afternoon and I was running  out of time. I had to change a pamper on Sebastián and Gaby was asking me already for dinner, so I couldn’t concentrate anymore, but I was able to stitch it back to its right place and today I will work on it so I can have it for tomorrows post.

This is what I have for today!!!


I call it the Washi dress, not MBR Washi Dress, that’s a dress I need to make for me, hopefully in a couple of weeks.This one I made for Gaby, I did a similar one like a year ago and it fit son nice, and she wore it on a trip to El Salvador. I used a batik fabric on the first one, but this time I went for the 4 meters I got of this Rashida Coleman Washi tape fabric. I love and then thought I could make a shirt for my son, it’s a very nice fabric!


Can you guess which pattern I used? Well, you know most of the things I make are from japanese  pattern books, and this one is no exception. It is from the Nani Iro book. I get all my books from Pomadour24, she has a huge variety of books and I always get mine in like a week!!! Her name is Megumi and lives in Japan.

Last but not least!!


I made this “galaxy” print leggins for her on sunday morning, it took me like 20 min and they were done. I self drafted this pattern. And I used a nice thick knit I got a few months ago from Girl Charlee, you have to visit her store (online) she has a huge variety of knits and at a very good price. We were at the University of San Francisco campus on Sunday, my husband teaches there and he’s getting a masters too, so he had to go and do some stuff. The kids had lots of fun going  in and out of buildings and running around. Now Gaby says she wants to go there all the time! It is such a nice University, with a nice view and I’m not religious even though I was raised under catholism traditions, but this school has one of the nicest church in the city.


When Gaby is in school Sebastián and I head to the beach if it is not too cold.


Or Golden Gate Park and even the zoo with a yearly pass, you can’t help it and visit the Lemurs!!!


That’s it for today. See you tomorrow same time same place.

Happy sewing!!!


Winter 2014 Sew along!


It’s been a wonderful long summer for us here in California. The weather just changed yesterday from nice warm sunny-blue skies to foggy and chilly. I can’t complaint because it has been nice since mid August until now. So I thought it was about time for me to start sewing something for the kids or myself that would be kind warm and cozy. Little Sebastián has refused lately to wear things I make, like he knows it’s handmade? So I will give him a couple of months and then force him practically to wear my “obras maestras” (master pieces). Gaby enjoys everything I make for her with no fuzz at all.

So I have decided to join the sew along from KCW Winter 2014 and try not to procrastinate to much about one outfit or the fabric, or pattern and just go with my gut.

I woke up today at four in the morning and had cut the patterns yesterday at night. I’m in a knit fabric fever this days, specially when I went to El Salvador I was able to find a good fabric source and bought almost a suitcase full of knits in different weights.

The first images are from a Nani Iro knit from the Pocho collection and bought it from my old beautiful fabric store in Guelph back in Canada, The Greenwood Quiltery. I had this fabric there for at least two years and I was wondering what kind of pattern I could use with it to make the use of it worth the cut. The second  fabric is from the stash I brought from El Salvador which is very light in weight and slippery too. This outfits are great for layering with long sleeve tops underneath or short sleeve tops, with leggins, with a skirt, with shorts, with pants!!! I want to keep making more of this. I went for a bigger size than what Gaby is, because the Nani Iro knit shrinks a lot, that I know from experience with some leggins.


This is the sweater done with Nani Iro, Pocho Collection in grey.


My beautiful girl nailed this photo shoot by the beach, she looks amazing and the top looks so nice. This is the same pattern I just omitted the sleeves on this one. It might not be the best thing out there but every time I make something out of a knit fabric and it turns out nice I feel up in the clouds!!! I bought this fabric in El Salvador, I bought 3 meters that are 60″ wide for 3 dollars each meter!!!! I’m surprise how expensive fabrics are not only here in the States, but Canada too. I remember my mom buying fabrics at this same place for me and her and she never ever spend more than 6 dollars!!! Anyways, I love my sewing for this first day of KWC!!!


Cherry flowers blossoming and Magnolia trees too. Beautiful days.


Perfect time to have some fun!!!! Happy and productive sewing to all!! See you tomorrow!

Things I made five weeks ago.

We just moved to California from Canada as you know, and it has been busy around here. But before packing everything I decided to sew a few things for me and the kids, it was until then that I could pack my sewing machine and fabrics and everything else. Here are some of the stuff I made and most of it has been well used this days here. I made beautiful stuff for myself but for some reason I never have the time or never look good enough for the camera, but tomorrow I will ask my husband to shoot some images quick!!


I made this dress a few weeks ago and I was so happy with it, I thought it was to big and at the end after washing it for a couple of times looked better, it didn’t shrink but for some reason just fit better. The fabric is called Memoirs a Paris by Lecien, I bought it at Pink Chalk Fabrics and when I saw they had more in different colours went and bought everything they had! The pattern was super easy and it’s from this book. The lighting on this photos is not the best, it was a very grey day in Canada and this was the only chance I had to take photos of her wearing it.



This one I made it as you can see out of Nani Iro double Gauze. The pattern turned out to be very big for my daughters size, I think it was meant to be big but she’s a bit petite and didn’t look good. So I had to undo the bias around the armholes and reduce it a bit from the sides. It still fits bit but nice big…I love this fabric and I have more Nani Iro in my stash but can not really dare to cut them.I bought the fabric from Miss Matatabi on etsy, I love all the fabrics she has, a very nice variaty of fine cottons. This pattern was from this book.


We went back to Canada 8 days ago for a short holiday. This was up in Banff, Alberta. We stayed with some good friends of ours and had a very good time. I miss Canada a lot this days but I’m happy here too, it is nice to live right by the ocean!!!. I hope you enjoy this post sorry to be away to long, just give me a few days to get back to my old routine. Happy week, what’s left of it and happy weekend!!!!

KCWC for the second time!



He estado ausente por tanto tiempo, ya ni se cuántos días, semanas o meses, pero ha sido ya un buen rato. Muchas cosas por hacer aquí, entre coser ropa para mis niños, cocinar platillos ricos para la familia, y quehaceres diaros en la casa uno termina olvidandose de mantener informado a el pequeño grupo de fans que esta por allí y ponerles al tanto de lo que estoy haciendo a estas alturas del año

Pero aqu estoy ya de vuelta y creo que tendre que postear doble o tres veces de un solo si puedo, porque tengo varias fotos que quisiera compartir y que creo que les gustaran.

Me he vuelto a apuntar a este grupo de costura en el sitio web de elsiemarley. La primera vez lo hice para los días de primavera y así coser ropa para Gaby y que ella la usara en verano, hoy es para Otoño-Invierno y Verano para mi porque en Diciembre vamos al Sur, vamos a El Salvador a disfrutar de las vacaciones mas ansiadas por nosotros, pasamos días en la playa y días con mis papas en las montañas, y unos cuantos en la ciudad visitando amigos o descansando en casa con los sobrinos y mis hermanos.. Esta vez me adelante un dia debido a que el dia de ayer fue Accion de Gracias aqui en Canada y yo sabia que no podria hacer mucho asi que lo hice el Domingo y hoy Martes.

Espero les gusten las imagenes. Feliz inicio de Semana a todos!

I’ve abandoned my blog for a long time, I don’t even know how many days, weeks or months it has been, but it’s been a while. 

There are a lot of things to do around here, between sewing for my kids, cooking yummy food for the family and everyday household work, one ends up forgetting about keeping the small group of fans out there informed and update with what your doing at this time in the year.

But here I am, back again, and I think I have to post a couple of times or maybe three at once if I can, because I have lots of photos that I would like to share with you and I’m sure you will like them.

I signed up again to this sew along group on elsiemarley’s web site. The first time I did it for this past spring and sew clothes for Gaby, today is Fall-winter clothing and Summer for me since we are going on a trip to the south for December holidays. We are going to El Salvador to enjoy the vacations that we await most for the whole year. We spend time at the beach, and days with my parents up in the mountains and some days at the city visiting friends and relaxing at home with my niece and nephews and my two brothers.

 This time I started the sewing a day ahead since Monday (yesterday) was Thanksgiving here in Canada and I knew that I was not going to be able to do much, so I started on Sunday and work some more today.

I hope you like the images. Happy week to all!!!



I  love this top, it’s my own pattern and the fabric is from LECIEN “Memoire a Paris”. I bought this fabric from Greenwood Quiltery my local fabric store.




This top I made it out of Nani Iro’s POCHO Collection and it is one of the nicest Gauze fabrics to work with. I thought that Gaby should have something in her wardrobe made out of Japanese Gauze. On the next picture you can see I made out of the the writting on the Selvedge a Pocho tag. The top is from this book


This dress Gaby says is her favorite, and I agree with her. I don’t know the name of the fabric but it feels almost like a nice voile, but is not, I thought it was a brushed cotton because it has that kind of texture. The pattern is from one good designer Kecil Pohol, she makes the most adorable girl dresses and grown ups too.


This one to me is on the top two of my favorites. The dress is my own pattern, it took me months to figure some things out and the worst was that I ruined two nice fabrics, it brings me bad memories. This one fits so nice to Gaby and perfect for our trip to El Salvador.


Last but not least this dress is made out of Kaffe Fasset’s. The pattern is from this book and I love it because so far Gaby doesn’t really have a nice fall-winter dress, this will be cozy.