Palm trees dress in Rayon.


I made this dress for Gaby way before there were signs of warm weather, but I could not wait to make it and try the fabric as well. It is a light weight fabric, Rayon in a very summery print with palm trees and ocean waves, and sailboats…I hope she still fits in it by the time we make our trip to El Salvador this year in December. Pattern is from Kana’s Standard II and next time I will make it a little bit longer maybe just right at her knees…she was not confortable wearing it without leggings underneath, too short she said!!! So looks like I need to find or make capri leggings to pair them with the dress.



Dabbing is part of our photo sessions now…anything for a photo I think.


I think I have a few projects already finished but I haven’t had the time to blog about. Maybe tomorrow I can post a couple more.

Thanks for stopping by…now I have some more sewing to do.




A new dress for Gaby’s Graduation!

Junio 27 fue el último día de escuela para Gaby. Hicimos un picnic en el colegio con sus amigos de clase, su maestra y el resto de JK y SK de la escuela. Para una fecha tan especial como esta decidí una vez más hacerle un vestido a Gaby. Cada vez, mejoro algunas técnicas de costura o descubro que algunos patrones son mejores que otros y cuales me dan ganas de repetirlos una y otra vez. No sé que hubiera sido de mi sino no supiera hacer ropa, lo que quiero decir es que la costura me ha ayudado con tantas cosas, me da tanta satisfacción poder hacerle la ropa a mi hija, mi ropa y muy pronto la de mi pequeño saltamontes Sebastián. Compartiré algunas imágenes de ese día. Este post iba a ser bastante largo originalmente, pero tres veces la computadora me lo ha borrado y hasta ahora he decidido volver a escribirlo, pero lo haré por partes porque sino me llevará una eternidad.

June 27 was the last day of school for Gaby. We had a picnic at school with all her classmates, her teacher and the rest of JK and SK from school. For such a special day like this I decided once again to make a dress for Gaby. I feel like I’m getting better every time with my sewing techniques or I find out that some patterns are better than others and which ones I feel like making them again and again. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I didn’t know how to sew, what I mean is that sewing has helped me in so many ways, it gives me such a satisfaction to being able to sew Gaby’s clothes, mine clothes and very soon Sebastian’s clothes, my little grasshoper! I’ll share some pictures from that day. This post was going to be longer than this originally, but the computer erased it three times and until now I decided to write it again, but I will do it in various parts otherwise this will take an eternity.

Este es el vestido. La tela es de Terrie Mangat para Freespirit, el nombre de la colección es On the Rio Grand. El patrón es de este libro japones. La tela la compré en Greenwood Quiltery hace mucho tiempo en una venta de descuento que tuvieron.  This is the dress. The fabric is from Terrie Mangat for Freespirit, the collection’s name is On the Rio Grand. The pattern is from this japanese pattern book. I got the fabric at Greenwood Quiltery on a fabric sale they had long time ago!

Gaby y su maestra preferida…Mme. Griffiths!!

Gaby and her favorite teacher…Mme. Griffiths!