Palm trees dress in Rayon.


I made this dress for Gaby way before there were signs of warm weather, but I could not wait to make it and try the fabric as well. It is a light weight fabric, Rayon in a very summery print with palm trees and ocean waves, and sailboats…I hope she still fits in it by the time we make our trip to El Salvador this year in December. Pattern is from Kana’s Standard II and next time I will make it a little bit longer maybe just right at her knees…she was not confortable wearing it without leggings underneath, too short she said!!! So looks like I need to find or make capri leggings to pair them with the dress.



Dabbing is part of our photo sessions now…anything for a photo I think.


I think I have a few projects already finished but I haven’t had the time to blog about. Maybe tomorrow I can post a couple more.

Thanks for stopping by…now I have some more sewing to do.




Algonquin Camping Trip-2016


It has been a while now since I’ve posted something on my blog. It has been a busy summer for us. We are not living in California anymore and came back home, to Canada! It has been a bit stressing for the four of us but hopefully things will come back to a more steady routine.

We have always done camping since we met with my husband, and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have all these years. Yesterday we got back from Algonquin Park here in Ontario. Gorgeous place, I have been here twice before but never portaging like we did this week. Four portages and five lakes!!!! I thought that the kids would not be able to handle the walking and carrying their stuff and sitting very still in the canoe…but they did!

Here are some of our best images of this awesome trip, can’t wait for next summer!!!


 Getting some gas and then we are set to go. Algonquin here we come!!!!



Taking a break before we do the first lake.

DSCN0965 (1)

We had to wait, it started to rain and we couldn’t go…


Then we found our chance to do it, Magnetawan Lake was our first one.



Our first camping spot. So we did five lakes but the first day we did only 3 and camped one night at Ralph Bice Lake, too big to do it when the weather was not so nice. Next day we were heading towards Queer Lake but had to do Little Trout Lake before.


I was on charge of that fat red bag…amazing how you can get used to the  load after a couple of stops. That canoe has quite a mileage, has been everywhere and it has been in my husband’s family since he was 3ish? We got some nice compliments from various people on this trip.


That’s Phil trying to find a nice spot to bring in the canoe.

DSCN1101 (1)


Kids loved it so much, we still can not believe it. There were no complaints or requests to go back home. They went in the water, they ate their food, they didn’t mind the “toilet” in the woods, they were great!


Kids peeling the hard boiled eggs we brought for lunches or dinners.

DSCN1029DSCN1026 (1)

Having rocks for a snack!  (they were actually chocolates that looked like rocks, got them at the bulk store)


I got caught eating my pasta and eggs!!!




It was a beautiful experience and now I’m looking forward to our next summer and next location. Also, we are very happy to be back to Canada now, you don’t appreciate something until you don’t have it, we had so much here. I really want my kids to grow in a nice environment, with a good sense of community and of course with some culture to pass on to other generations.

Happy Week!


Northern California Camping trip Part 1

Hello everybody, we are on Monday the beginning of the week and I’m happy because this strange phenomenon  here in Half Moon Bay we are having, with hot weather, blue sky and sunny at 8 in the morning. We haven’t seen rain yet and even though is alarming, I have to admit that on a day  like this I feel more like doing stuff around the house and out.

Today I want to share with you some of the photos of our little camping trip we did a couple of weeks ago. There were many hours of driving and almost 9 days of camping up north in the mountains and by the pacific coast too, it was worth it the driving and the days with no shower ( something I’m very much used to now) and mosquitoes that didn’t even get my ankles, but the kids were their favorite main dish, those dammed bugs, blood suckers and quite annoying little guys!

We started our trip in Napa but we didn’t camp there, it was too hot and to be honest it was not the place we had in mind, NOT that day! I mean, if it was about going there for wine it would be paradise, but not the ideal place to start our little summer adventure with little kids. We had lunch there and then we drove up north all the way to Trinity Lake part of the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

These are some of the images of our first camping spot.

Hola a todos, estamos en Lunes inicio de semana y feliz porque como fenómeno raro aquí en Half Moon Bay tenemos sol y cielo azul a buenas 8 de la mañana y con mucho calor. Todavía no hemos visto lluvia y a pesar que es preocupante, tengo que admitir que en un día así me dan muchas más ganas de hacer cosas en la casa o afuera. 

Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes algunas imágenes de nuestro viajecito de camping que hicimos hace un par de semanas. Fueron muchas horas de manejo y 9 días de acampar en las montañas y por la costa del Pafícico, pero valió la pena la manejada y los días sin bañarse ( a lo cual ya estoy muy acostumbrada) y los mosquitos que no me picaron pero ni los tobillos, los niños si fueron platillo preferido para esos chupa sangre, condenados y fastidiosos!

Empezamos nuestro viaje en Napa pero no acampamos allí, estaba tan caliente y la verdad no era el lugar que teníamos en mente, no ese día!. Digo, si se trata de vinos claro que es el paraíso, pero no era el lugar ideal para iniciar nuestra aventura de verano con niños chiquitos. Almorzamos en Napa y de allí manejamos hasta Trinity Lake parte de Shasta Trinity National Forest. 

Estas son algunas de las imágenes de nuestra primera parada. 

Trinity Lake


We were happy that our camping spot was right by the lake…or not? The lake use to come all the way where I was standing and up to the edge where the trees are.

Estábamos tan felices de que nuestro espacio para acampar estaba justo por el lago…o quizá no? El lago solía llenarse hasta donde yo estoy parada y se llenaba hasta el borde de donde están los arboles.



Either way, we managed to find some water and cool ourselves for at least an hour. Little Sebastián is such a brave boy but when it comes to jumping in the water not so much.

Igual logramos encontrar agua y pudimos refrescarnos por una hora. El pequeño Sebastián is un niño muy valiente para muchas otras cosas, pero cuando se trata de mojarse o meterse al agua no mucho!DSC_0059

I think my husband won’t like it that I’m posting this “sexy” photo of him, but he is away this week, hopefully he doesn’t find out.

Creo que a mi esposo no le gustará que yo este publicando esta foto tan “sexy” de él, pero estará fuera toda la semana y espero que no se entere.


Kids had so much fun this day, and every time we travel anywhere they seem to bond more as brother and sister. This is the reason why we do it every year once or twice, to be closer to each other and forget about phones, TV, and all technology possible…except my camera!

Los niños disfrutaron tanto este día, y cada vez que viajamos a cualquier lugar nos damos cuenta que ellos se acercan más como hermano y hermana. Esta es la razón por la cual lo hacemos una o dos veces al año, para estar mas junto al otro y olvidarnos de teléfonos, televisión, y cualquier otro tipo de tecnología posible…excepto mi cámara!


These were the first of many more images. Tomorrow I will post more about our second camping spot.

Thank you for stopping by again. Theres no sewing going on today, but as soon as I get my mojo I will be back here with some more fabrics and needles .

Estas fueron las primeras imágenes de muchas. Mañana publicaré más sobre nuestra segunda parada.

Gracias por pasar nuevamente por aquí. Hoy no ha habido costuras, pero en cuanto agarre un impulso vuelvo con telas y agujas por aquí.

We are back!!!

We are back from our trip to El Salvador, 6 long weeks for me and the kids and 9 weeks for Phil who got there before us! But we are home now and nobody got sick or lost or hurt or anything that usually happens on a long trip like this. Last time the kids catch Rotavirus a very bad flu and it happened two days before leaving, it was not a fun flight!

I have some photos to share with you and I hope you like them.


Having lunch at the Sheraton San Salvador, this was an excuse to get to use the pool for a couple of hours, the heat was unbearable!

DSC_0022 DSC_0018

My niece joined us for lunch this day and was doing silly things to entertained her cousins.

DSC_0028 DSC_0044

And then we jumped in the pool…Basti is trying to pose like his sister!


It was Basti’s 3rd birthday while we were visiting my parents up in the mountains. We didn’t come that prepared but we all sing him HBD!!


This is Basti’s face wondering what was going on…we all started singing and he was a bit confused. That’s my dad thinking that the presents and songs were for him!!!


And we went for a walk afterwards…to our favorite spot!!

DSC_0107 DSC_0114 DSC_0121

Uncle Robert hanging out with his nephews and niece!


Hugging a tree!


Basti helping me pick the traditional candies from El Salvador during this time in the year. They had Papaya, coconut, figs, tamarind, and so many more!

Wait for my second part, third and maybe fourth, I have so many photos to share and things to tell.

It is nice to be back!!

A week of Camping part 1

We had an amazing time last week camping with the Grandparents that came to visit from Canada. We went up and down mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean, creeks, hot springs, forest and meadows. It was very nice for us and more for the kids who hadn’t seen the “abuelos” for a long time.

So I haven’t mastered the skills of camping yet, not the Canadian way or European way, but the way we did it this time ended up working well with the kids. We started at Merced River which was the kids favorite spot because of the river and because we could jump in the water anytime we wanted to. We tried a couple spots more, like Grover Hot Springs campground and Fallen Leaf Lake near Lake Tahoe. We liked them all, each had its own unique beauty (landscape) and we were lucky there were not much people camping, so it was quiete…except for our laughter! We might go back to Merced River and now we know which spot is the best. If you decide to try it too, get spot 26.

Here are some of the photos for us to remember such a good time. Thanks to Thomas and Astrid for visiting and and helping us around, thanks to Astrid for folding loads and loads of clothes and ironing them as well.


Merced River. Kids loved it!!


This was the beginning of the week at our favorite camping spot. You can see some had lots of fun!!!


And I was having some tension problems with both sewing machines, one was fixed, the other one gave me a headache so I put it away. I cut this one yesterday and was dying to try this pattern. I will blog about it on the weekend, it just needs buttons and voila!!!!

I will come back tomorrow hopefully and give you the second part of our Camping road trip!