Palm trees !!!!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start a little shop on Etsy. Every time people sees what I make they ask me “why don’t you sell your stuff online?”, I hear that all the time, and so I have giving it a try to see what happens. I don’t expect to become a rich person out of this, but keeps me motivated to keep sewing not only for me and my kids but for others, and most important to be able to keep buying fabrics that for some reason are not so cheap.

So two days ago I made this cute cute cute, I mean cute Hawaiian shirt for my son, and it turned out so good that I will put on sale on my shop today after I finish with this post.

Take a look at it!!!


This has been one of the best shirts I have made for Sebastián in the last couple of years. The fit of the shirt is perfect and I think I will make more in the future. It took some bribery for him to wear it, for some reason he doesn’t like to use button up shirts, so this time I told him we were going to go the beach, which was really in the plans and then have a chocolate at the beach!!!! It worked! Once we were at the beach he completely forgot about the chocolate and started running and playing, I will save that chocolate for the next shirt, I might not get that lucky!!!

I’m new at this online settings for my Etsy shop and all that stuff, and I’m trying to add a link to my blog about my store and can’t quite figure it out yet…I feel old!!! So I will give you the link here for my store and hopefully you guys like it!!!

I called my store Chiquitosclothing (chiquitos= little ones in english) so look for it and there will be updates from time to time, I need to figure out what else I want to sell.

Have a beautiful Wednesday morning in Half Moon Bay!!!

El Salvador part 2


We spend a lot of time by the beach and this guy loved it and was fearless with the waves. Gaby was more careful and even though she has done this trip more times than her brother, she likes to be in the pool more. The heat was horrible like I mentioned on the previous post, I had Basti naked as much as I could, and always in the shade. Lots of sunscreen and long sleeve swimsuits were required, it worked because nobody got a sunburn or dehydrated!

It was nice to be there again for so long. I had lots of fun with my brothers and my nephews and niece were so nice to our kids.


Everybody took a nap here, except me!!! Here my older brother taking a break from the fun we were having!


Coconuts were there for us everyday anytime during the day! I satisfied my craving to a point that I would open one coconut and leave half full. I wish I could have this kind of coconuts here and save the inside to make ice cream or popsicles, oh my, maybe I didn’t eat enough I miss them already!DSC_0410DSC_0637DSC_0330DSC_0613DSC_0611

Somebody had a very good time! I see all these photos now and I feel nostalgic, I wonder when we will see all of them again. This is going to be a busy year and some things need to happen to decide where we are going from here and when. Don’t want to think about that now, so I will enjoy the moment and hope for the best outcome of things.


First time he saw cows this close.


One day we went until late at night at the beach, the water was so warm like soup! 


Strong boys!!


Me and my best friend having fresh Oysters!!! 

I can not wait until the next time!!!


We are back!!!

We are back from our trip to El Salvador, 6 long weeks for me and the kids and 9 weeks for Phil who got there before us! But we are home now and nobody got sick or lost or hurt or anything that usually happens on a long trip like this. Last time the kids catch Rotavirus a very bad flu and it happened two days before leaving, it was not a fun flight!

I have some photos to share with you and I hope you like them.


Having lunch at the Sheraton San Salvador, this was an excuse to get to use the pool for a couple of hours, the heat was unbearable!

DSC_0022 DSC_0018

My niece joined us for lunch this day and was doing silly things to entertained her cousins.

DSC_0028 DSC_0044

And then we jumped in the pool…Basti is trying to pose like his sister!


It was Basti’s 3rd birthday while we were visiting my parents up in the mountains. We didn’t come that prepared but we all sing him HBD!!


This is Basti’s face wondering what was going on…we all started singing and he was a bit confused. That’s my dad thinking that the presents and songs were for him!!!


And we went for a walk afterwards…to our favorite spot!!

DSC_0107 DSC_0114 DSC_0121

Uncle Robert hanging out with his nephews and niece!


Hugging a tree!


Basti helping me pick the traditional candies from El Salvador during this time in the year. They had Papaya, coconut, figs, tamarind, and so many more!

Wait for my second part, third and maybe fourth, I have so many photos to share and things to tell.

It is nice to be back!!

World Cup and Sewing

Every four years I get so excited about the only sport I really like and follow: SOCCER! The world cup is something special, it is an event that manages to put other activities on hold and even a whole family can sit down and watch a whole game together without getting bored. But my favorite sport now clashes with my favorite hobby, Sewing! I haven’t been able to what at least 3 or 4 good games because I have been trying to finish some sewing projects I had in mind since December.

In two weeks me and the kids will join my husband, who’s already in El Salvador (Central America) doing his master’s research. We have been skyping every day and he says it is hot and humid, and went to our favorite beach spot El Zonte and El Zunzal beach.

Sewing or Soccer? Hard to pick, today I watched Chile-Netherlands and I stopped watching when they were on the last 5 minutes! I wanted Chile to win they have been playing so good, but the Dutch have played pretty good. Brazil has always since little been my favorite team and still are, but I haven’t seen the magic yet for what they are famous for, they are lacking big names or maybe they are too used to being called the best team in the world. Argentina too, my favorite and haven’t seem them played yet, once I get into my sewing room I want to leave that space with something done.

Anyways, enough chit chat, here it is. I have so many other stuff to make like make up pouches for my friends and family, and little Sebastian needs a couple of shirts too. Lots to do and so little time!!!



The top I drafted my self and made it out of Lizzy House’s fabulous fabric and her collection Cat Nap. The shorts are out of Robert Kaufman Rustica Chambray in Indigo  both fabrics  I purchased from Hawthorne Fabrics. The shorts are from this new Japanese book purchased from my friend Megumi. This is an awesome book that I could not resist to buy. Little Sebastian likes to jump in our photo shoot all the time, Gaby likes it because it makes all this photo modeling less painful.


This cute white top it’s very breezy and easy to wear. I got the fabric at Discount Fabrics and the pattern is from this other new release as well, from this book Megumi’s online store on Etsy.


I was dying to work with this fabric for a while, I kept making plans for it but I was never sure what to make. Then I decided and made this cute top for Gaby that I have made so many times before. It is from this book. I love Lizzy House’s fabrics, the prints and colors and hopefully she comes out with a new collection soon.


A few minutes ago we were digging for some potatoes and carrots and this is what we got. Leek potato soup for dinner with roasted carrots with thyme sounds like a plan to me.

I still have other things to show you, but I’m running out of time, little ones are tired and there’s a nap required soon ahead.

I just heard Brazil has scored 2 goals!!!!! I need to go see that. Enjoy this week and soccer and happy sewing to some of you!!!

Half Moon Bay Tide pools

I have so many good photos from this past 2 weeks while the grandparents visited that I can help not to post things ones too.

We go often to this place near our home, but you have to check online to see when the tide is low. So we took them here right after dropping Gaby off at school, it is the only time that tide is ver very low.

You can see the sea lions on the rocks, the seagulls flying around and if you are lucky you can see starfish on the rocks, lots of sea urchins, clams, crabs and more interesting sea life.


Can you see the crab hiding under the rock?


Basti had everybody on their knees…a game he came out with.


Thomas and Astrid, the sun hasn’t come out here yet! It is sunny everywhere else but here. Thank you for visiting once again. See you soon.