Rain+cold= sewing time!

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The rain has made it finally to California. Well, is not quite like rainy season in Latin America, but seems like Californians are in deep need of water even if it is only for two or three days. This has given me an excuse to stay home and sew a little bit. At the same time I’m trying to get my store going with more items in it, but every day I get new ideas that quickly new and better ones take over those at the beginning.

But here I am and hopefully you will like these images.

Gaby, my daughter is off the whole week due to Thanksgiving, we are having friends over, even though we already celebrated Thanksgiving in October (the Canadian way). Our friends are vegetarians, so I might need to dig deep into my vegetarian-latino recipes that are already popular amongst our friends.

I wanted to wish all of you who visit my blog everyday a Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it of course. You might be driving tomorrow off to see parents, friends, or they all might come to you. I hope your holidays are full of love and gratitude. Be safe!

DSC_0358 DSC_0356 DSC_0372

This is a beautiful fabric I found at Hawthorne Fabrics, one of my favorite stores here in the States and online. I decided to put black bias tape on pockets and neckline to highlight the dress a little. I didn’t have much black fabric but lately I’ve invested some money in buying remnants of japanese fabrics from Miss Matatabi Fabric shop on Etsy. There was a tiny double gauze piece of black fabric and used it! How do you use left over fabrics? Do you throw them away or do you treasure them and store them, thinking that the perfect project will come along and then you will use them? I save every bit, even more if it is a nice fancy fabric that is out of print.


Gaby is so happy with the scarf I managed to make, she went to school today like this, looking so pretty!


I call this dress, The Monet dress, it looks like a painting and the colors are so bright and its almost like an oil painting. I got the fabric from Fabric.com . I wasn’t sure what to make out of this fabric, I was scared that the print would be too bold. Everybody loves it, everybody ask me “where did you buy it” to what I proudly answer once again: ” I made it”.


Now the next image is of a dress I have made for Gaby several times before. This time I decided to try something different. I’m always worry about ruining a fabric, and this time I got to play with two different fibers, a  Knit fabric and quilting cotton.


The lighting in my sewing room is so bad sometimes. But the green is pretty much like this image and the feel of this fabric is just amazing, and it has a quilted pattern which makes it a very special fabric. I love this fabric so much I have decided to buy more of it from Miss Matatabi, she has a great  variety of fabrics, all of them japanese and high quality.

Thanks a lot for coming to my little corner, I get so excited to see that people all around the world come and see what I make. You definitely make my day every day! Besos to all Happy Holidays!


Pumpkin picking and some Halloween Themed sewing!

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Pumpkin festival here in Half Moon Bay today, not a good idea to head out and be stuck in traffic, one of the reasons I did my grocery shopping yesterday and went pumpkin hunting yesterday as well.

Talking about Pumpkins, Halloween and sewing I decided to mix all of them together and make something very special for my kids to wear not only on Halloween but any day of the year.

I follow Miss Matatabi’s blog and I’m a happy customer at her etsy fabric store too. So Inspired by a very talented seamstress Youandmie I decide to try to make something funky too out this japanese fabric from Yoshiko Jenzeni printed by YUWA. Love every piece of it, and the weight of the fabric is just perfect for clothing and soft specially when you have kids that are too sensitive or picky about fibers touching their skin.

So yesterday after Gaby got out of school got both, shirt and dress ready and headed to a nice Pumpkin Patch near by. I think we were the last ones to come to the field because there was nobody else, so photos turned out perfect with no strangers pocking their heads or hands in my photo shoot.

Here they are, they look amazing and people are asking where did I buy the dress? or the shirt? And I say: I made it !!! And I say it always with a lot of pride! What a nice feeling!


Is this cute or what? I love love love this fabric and how both pieces turned out. I’m in love with my kids too and my amazing husband as well, all the things I do and have been able to do these years have been possible thanks to him and his unconditional love and support!

Basti goes everywhere with his wooden tractor that Papa brought him from Colombia two days ago! But you should see the drama he makes when the wagon comes off from the tractor!!! Boy!!!! I’m counting the days until this terrible…3? are over!!!






This was an amazing photo shoot. The lighting was almost perfect and my little models as well they rocked it once again!!!


The pattern for the dress was from an amazing book from Kecil Pohon. She released two books for kids clothing only, Gaby is about to outgrown the second book and I need to figure out how to make this dress bigger!


Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in a colder weather country or state enjoy the last bit of fall weather/rain maybe, and for lucky me, I still have summer around here in California!

Besos to all!

link party

I just joined to this amazing party! You can try it out too!


Pomponio Beach

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A few days ago, little Gaby woke up sick and she stayed home and no school that day. I ended up staying home with two kids, one healthy and full of energy and one a bit weak but willing to do something.

We all went for a nice power walk a few minutes away from home. We found a nice trail, with birds chirping and you could see the highway from there and sometimes hear the cars going by, but it wasn’t that bad. So we tried to concentrate on our walk and being there together and relax.

Kids loved it, both were so happy and we ended up from that trail all the way to the other side of the highway and walked by the beach on the way back to our car. We even saw lots of seals, it was a good way to start the day!

Take a look!


A very nice morning and I just love when we can spend some quality time like this the four of us.


And then we made it to the beach. This one is called Pomponio Beach right on Highway 1, and its like 15 minutes maybe from our place.


And you can spot some seals there too. Oh my,  California is one of the most beautiful states in this country, okay, Maine is another of my favorites, and Vermont too…this are my top 3 favorite states!! Three good reasons to be proud of being an American (I’m not, but I would be proud too).



Gorgeous day! Lets see what the week brings tomorrow! All the best to you all who take the time to visit my blog.

Muchos abrazos!


San Luis Obispo

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We were in San Luis Obispo for our 9th year wedding anniversary, our wedding was on September 10th but this time we celebrated it until the weekend. It is a nice area and out of all the little towns we passed by or stop at, San Luis was the nicest, cutest, and with more of a feeling of a city. They have the Cal Poly University and I think that,  makes a big difference to any city or town, there a lot of young people (probably students living there) and a good amount of tourists (like us). We walked around a bit and had some lunch and then headed up the hill to visit the church and one of the 22 missions if I’m not mistaken.

When I think of wedding anniversaries, I think of wine, hotels, nice food, relax, and fall in love again, but when you have kids the celebration concept changes completely. We went to little kids museum there in SLO, we had PIZZA for lunch!!, we got some ice cream and found a park! I enjoyed it a lot, and the kids did too. A friend told me to leave them with a babysitter or a friend or a relative, I said: no, I don’t leave my kids ever with babysitters and nobody will take care of your kids better than you, relatives…well there aren’t many available ones near by. I’m a martyr maybe, or too attached to my kids, but me and my husband enjoy traveling around with our kids. We all have fun together, they will leave the house one day, and why not enjoy them now that they still like to hang out with you, travel, or sometimes kiss you!!

So here are some photos of our trip. Enjoy!


We went into the church and Gaby started to pray for something.

This day I wore a nice top I made for myself out this nice fabric I bought from Missmatatabi. It was a self drafted pattern and maybe next time I will add 3cms. to the hem, I felt it was too short for me, good thing it didn’t shrink at all. The pants are linen, confortable ones but got them a while ago at United Colors of Benetton.  Oh, Gaby is wearing something new too, a dress I made and put it on my etsy store as well.


Somebody got to happy at church, this is a good sign!!! No one was looking so we didn’t get kicked out…luckly.


It was one of the nicest churches I have visited in quite some time. It fell so nice to be siting on the benches they had around the gardens.


Then we took a break and went back to our hotel. Next day we wen to the Farmer’s Market and head back home…but we made a stop at…DSC_0919

Hearst Castle!!!


A huge property and some parts had that European castle feeling, but then some parts were not too pretty, it reminded me of the buildings at Alcatraz.


Check this pool out!!! This was our favorite spot in the whole place! There were mermaid’s statues, some chairs to sit around the pool and the tiles were so pretty, I only need a couple of meters from there to make my bathrooms look nice!


Mister Smile really gets my heart when he looks at the camera like this!


It was such a nice weekend and we were so happy to celebrate such an important day in our lives now with our two “chiquitos”!! It was very hot too, and we all avoided the sun as much as we could.

I’m glad to share our happy weekend photos with you, how do you celebrate special days like this in your life?

Happy Sunday!

Palm trees !!!!

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A couple of weeks ago I decided to start a little shop on Etsy. Every time people sees what I make they ask me “why don’t you sell your stuff online?”, I hear that all the time, and so I have giving it a try to see what happens. I don’t expect to become a rich person out of this, but keeps me motivated to keep sewing not only for me and my kids but for others, and most important to be able to keep buying fabrics that for some reason are not so cheap.

So two days ago I made this cute cute cute, I mean cute Hawaiian shirt for my son, and it turned out so good that I will put on sale on my shop today after I finish with this post.

Take a look at it!!!


This has been one of the best shirts I have made for Sebastián in the last couple of years. The fit of the shirt is perfect and I think I will make more in the future. It took some bribery for him to wear it, for some reason he doesn’t like to use button up shirts, so this time I told him we were going to go the beach, which was really in the plans and then have a chocolate at the beach!!!! It worked! Once we were at the beach he completely forgot about the chocolate and started running and playing, I will save that chocolate for the next shirt, I might not get that lucky!!!

I’m new at this online settings for my Etsy shop and all that stuff, and I’m trying to add a link to my blog about my store and can’t quite figure it out yet…I feel old!!! So I will give you the link here for my store and hopefully you guys like it!!!

I called my store Chiquitosclothing (chiquitos= little ones in english) so look for it and there will be updates from time to time, I need to figure out what else I want to sell.

Have a beautiful Wednesday morning in Half Moon Bay!!!


El Salvador part 2

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We spend a lot of time by the beach and this guy loved it and was fearless with the waves. Gaby was more careful and even though she has done this trip more times than her brother, she likes to be in the pool more. The heat was horrible like I mentioned on the previous post, I had Basti naked as much as I could, and always in the shade. Lots of sunscreen and long sleeve swimsuits were required, it worked because nobody got a sunburn or dehydrated!

It was nice to be there again for so long. I had lots of fun with my brothers and my nephews and niece were so nice to our kids.


Everybody took a nap here, except me!!! Here my older brother taking a break from the fun we were having!


Coconuts were there for us everyday anytime during the day! I satisfied my craving to a point that I would open one coconut and leave half full. I wish I could have this kind of coconuts here and save the inside to make ice cream or popsicles, oh my, maybe I didn’t eat enough I miss them already!DSC_0410DSC_0637DSC_0330DSC_0613DSC_0611

Somebody had a very good time! I see all these photos now and I feel nostalgic, I wonder when we will see all of them again. This is going to be a busy year and some things need to happen to decide where we are going from here and when. Don’t want to think about that now, so I will enjoy the moment and hope for the best outcome of things.


First time he saw cows this close.


One day we went until late at night at the beach, the water was so warm like soup! 


Strong boys!!


Me and my best friend having fresh Oysters!!! 

I can not wait until the next time!!!


We are back!!!

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We are back from our trip to El Salvador, 6 long weeks for me and the kids and 9 weeks for Phil who got there before us! But we are home now and nobody got sick or lost or hurt or anything that usually happens on a long trip like this. Last time the kids catch Rotavirus a very bad flu and it happened two days before leaving, it was not a fun flight!

I have some photos to share with you and I hope you like them.


Having lunch at the Sheraton San Salvador, this was an excuse to get to use the pool for a couple of hours, the heat was unbearable!

DSC_0022 DSC_0018

My niece joined us for lunch this day and was doing silly things to entertained her cousins.

DSC_0028 DSC_0044

And then we jumped in the pool…Basti is trying to pose like his sister!


It was Basti’s 3rd birthday while we were visiting my parents up in the mountains. We didn’t come that prepared but we all sing him HBD!!


This is Basti’s face wondering what was going on…we all started singing and he was a bit confused. That’s my dad thinking that the presents and songs were for him!!!


And we went for a walk afterwards…to our favorite spot!!

DSC_0107 DSC_0114 DSC_0121

Uncle Robert hanging out with his nephews and niece!


Hugging a tree!


Basti helping me pick the traditional candies from El Salvador during this time in the year. They had Papaya, coconut, figs, tamarind, and so many more!

Wait for my second part, third and maybe fourth, I have so many photos to share and things to tell.

It is nice to be back!!